Powerful Blu-ray Ripper From DVDFab For Ripping Your Blu-ray Collections

Worrying about scratching your Blu-ray collections? Bothering about having to switch discs when playback? Here is what you can do, make it portable by ripping/converting them into digital formats; integrate them into a NAS or a media server system where they can be accessed easily.

To do that, you need an application which is capable of ripping/converting Blu-ray discs. DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper (3D Plus) will enable users to convert their Blu-ray collections into popular media formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, which can be then used on mobile phone, tablet and media players, etc.

Powerful Blu-ray Ripper From DVDFab For Ripping Your Blu-ray Collections

This Blu-ray Ripper is offered as try-before-you-buy, you can evaluate it for 30 days, so you can have enough time to try and learn it well before you make a decision.

Where to Get the Software

Download from Internet. DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper can’t be picked up from some local store, but you can download it from internet anytime as you like, from DVDFab’s website. The size of the installation file is 58.2 MB [V9.1.9.6] for windows version; if you are using Mac OS, you can download the Mac version accordingly from their website as well.

As for the installation, once you have downloaded the setup file, simply double click on it and follow the Wizard to complete the installation process.

The Loading Source Methods are Easy:

  1. Blu-ray disk: Insert it to your Blu-ray drive, DVDFab will detect and load it automatically.
  2. Blu-ray movie folder or ISO file: use the “+Add” button to browse for them, or simply drag and drop the folder or ISO to the interface of the software.

Powerful Blu-ray Ripper From DVDFab For Ripping Your Blu-ray Collections

Highlight Features

  1. Easily finding profiles you can use on your device. Taking Device profile as example, choose the iPad in the profile panel, the output file will be playback just perfect on your iPad. Other popular profiles are also available there, such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy series.Powerful Blu-ray Ripper From DVDFab For Ripping Your Blu-ray Collections
  2. Except for converting 2D Blu-ray to general 2D video formats, and it also supports to convert Blu-ray 3D movie sources to 3D video.Powerful Blu-ray Ripper From DVDFab For Ripping Your Blu-ray Collections
  3. For those who want a higher level video output, there are many options. You can use the Advanced Settings window to adjust the video effect, resolution, bitrate, aspect ratio and many others. Just like the video effect, you can choose what audio bitrate, audio channel you want. The Blu-ray Ripper also offers one easy way for ripping/converting Blu-rays, which is you can use the “Passthrough” profile to make the output “same as source”, with less quality lost.
  4. 4K and H.265 video supported.
  5. This Blu-ray ripping software can take advantage of latest technology. It supports batch conversion, multi-core CPUs along with advanced NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync technology for faster ripping performance.

Other than the above features, it also supports to extract Audio, and entitles users to trim and crop the video, to make a full customized video file. You may just want to explore more features during the use.

Final Words

I found it very handy and useful for those Bluray fans. It’s so easy to use and with just few clicks it can rip Blu-ray file from the Blu-ray disk or the ISO/folders to video format or your devices. And the software provider keeps a frequent update for it which makes this Blu-ray ripping software capable of decrypting and reading the latest Blu-ray disks. If you are advanced user and want to make customized file and keep high quality video of your Blu-ray collections, then what are you waiting for, don’t hesitate. Just go and grab this awesome software and start ripping off your Blu-rays.

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