Perks Of Becoming An IAS Officer

In this modern world, we have plenty of career options to choose from but IAS officer brings a different and unique change in our lifestyle. Serving the country is a dream of mind boggling number of individuals but only handful of them can bring this into reality. IAS is a government job and we all know the importance of the same. Being a government officer is not at all easy, especially when competition is at its extreme edge. But once you have cleared all the obstacles, your life will be totally changed and transformed because of the several perks given by the government.

Perks Of Becoming An IAS Officer

IAS is something that helps you in gaining respect and reputation. It’s not about money and is totally concerned to the special designation. It is all about serving your nation. Becoming an IAS officer is a dream of many as it can give you recognition among the millions of individuals. Once you have become an IAS officer, you life will be changed completely and you’ll surely love that change. Let’s unfold some of the perks of becoming an IAS officer and some of the ways in which your life can be altered.

Respect and Honor

As we have already said that IAS or civil services is not about money and it is totally related to gaining lots of respect and honor. Once you have successes in becoming an IAs officer, you’ll start realizing its importance, its designation and its powers. Well said by someone that money can be earned easily but respect takes a lot of time. It will be totally different experience when you’ll get honored or respected among the group of individuals. Nothing can match this feeling and thus it is one of the prime advantages of becoming an IAS officer.

Financial perks

Do you know an IAS officer is honored with a well furnished home and one or more vehicles with chauffeurs? Well, if not then let me inform you that once you have become an IAS officer, you are not an ordinary person anymore. Government will grant you an official residence with fully furnished features and one or two vehicles for an official purpose. These official houses come with little or no rent. They will also avail you the service of maids, cooks, gardeners and security guards. Isn’t it impressive??

Salary structure

This is known to everyone that salary of government officials is considered very low but after the 7th pay commission, the situation has seen a drastic change. Now, the government officials are bestowed with decent salaries so that they can work without worrying about the money matters. Apart from this, these IAS officers will get free or highly subsidized electricity, water gas and phone connections. What else is needed??

Job Security

In this modern world where nothing is secure, there these IAS officer jobs come with ultimate job security. Once you have become an IAS officer, nobody can take your job anyway. These jobs have enviable job security as it is not at easy to fire an IAS officer as it requires extensive investigation, inquiries and proper proofs.

Lifetime Pension

Well, our age is the most important factor that is considered while doing a job. IAS officer job ensures life time pension to their employees so that they can enjoy their old age without worrying about money. An IAS officer enjoys lifetime pension and other retirement benefits as well. This clearly means that government takes care of their employees not only during the job period but also when their duty is over.

Study Leaves

This is yet another perk of becoming an IAS officer. Do you know that an IAS officer can go for study leave for 2 years and the cost of such courses will be taken by the government itself? This is something amazing and interesting but it is for sure that there are some restrictions or you can condition on using this facility. Only those officers who have completed 7 years of their job are allowed to use this facility. They have to sign bonds related to this facility as well. But whatsoever be, this is one of the great facilities offered by the government to these reputed IAS officers.