Persuasive essays are a common type of essays in formal education. These types of essays require the student to make factual arguments that support their opinions or views on a topic. The student should write a persuasive essay with the intent of convincing the reader that his/her viewpoint is superior to the others. The following are some tips that can help students perfect the art of persuasive essay writing.

  1. Be informed about the topic

The most important tip for students about to embark on persuasive essay writing is to become knowledgeable on the subject matter. This will require the student to carry out extensive research on the topic, and identify the main sides of the argument. The student also has to understand each side of the debate, and their respective arguments before settling on one side. Being informed on the subject matter will assist the writer to develop expertise in the area, and help him/her in developing an authoritative persuasive essay.

  1. Test the thesis

Students writing a persuasive essay need to come up with a thesis, and test it in order to make it debatable. The student needs to present a succinct thesis on the topic, as well as the opposing side of the argument. Presenting opposing views on the selected thesis statement is the only way of testing the thesis, and ensuring that it is debatable. Without an opposing argument, the topic is un-debatable, and the student may be forced to come up with another debatable topic.

  1. Disprove the opposing arguments

The student will need to come up with arguments that disprove the opposing side’s views. These arguments need to be supported by strong, relevant facts, and they need to show the reader that his opponents have weak arguments on the subject matter. The student will need to poke holes in the arguments of the opposing side, in order to show that his view on the matter is superior to that of the opposition. Contrasting evidence and arguments, as well as finding inconsistencies in the opposition’s arguments are excellent ways of persuading the reader to agree with the writer.

  1. Use strong evidence and sources to back up arguments

A reader will be more persuaded to agree with the writer if the latter uses strong evidentiary support to back up his claims. The evidence needs to appeal to reason, as well as be irrefutable in the mind of the reader. Statistics and facts are important ways of dissuading the reader from agreeing with the opposing side. They are irrefutable if they come from reputable sources, and go a long way in demonstrating the strength of the writer’s arguments. Other types of strong evidence include examples and quotes from experts. The examples will provide proof of the writer’s argument while the quote from an expert strengthens his viewpoint.


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