Outsourcing Incoming Calls Can Make All the Difference

The word “outsource” is more than just a buzzword of our times, with significant benefits to be had by hiring a third party to perform essential operations. At the turn of the century, large businesses soon realised that by eliminating expensive human resource departments, they could save money by outsourcing the hiring of key personnel to professional recruitment agencies. IT requirements can be very costly, as you would have to employ several specialists to set up and monitor the computer and IT systems, yet by calling in a specialist company, your needs are met at a far lower cost.

Outsourcing Incoming Calls Can Make All the Difference

Cost-Effective Results

The business world has always been results driven, and in some cases, it is a better solution to outsource the work, which not only costs less, it also frees up your staff, allowing them to focus on the business. Digital technology has empowered remote interaction, with virtual offices that provide essential services to a range of industries, and without the huge costs of your own reception staff, you can make significant savings. Outsourcing is so popular, and here are some more reasons why businesses opt for this service.

Virtual Receptionists

There was a time when only the medium to large companies could afford a receptionist, and that was a kind of benchmark for a small business. If you had reached the point where you had your own office space and a receptionist and secretary, you had made it into the big time. Today, however, even a small enterprise that is run from home can have a round the clock receptionist and a prestigious office address and phone number, all provided by a third party.

The Importance of Image

This has always been a major hurdle for a small business, as they are not able to have business premises and professional staff until they have established themselves, and without the presence of a staffed office, customers might not want to take the risk of using a new enterprise. This catch 22 situation has finally been eliminated, with virtual receptionists, who are highly trained and fully briefed on the client’s business. Message Direct are one of the leading companies offering virtual receptionists, and if your business is based in the UK, they can provide you with quality services at affordable prices, and your customers will be satisfied with the prompt responses you are able to provide.

Round the Clock Cover

You cannot just close the office for the day, not with e-commerce, as time zones fade away, and if you are able to instantly respond to a potential customer’s enquiry, you are more than likely going to get their business. 24/7 call answering is one service that a call handling business would provide, and with enquiries coming in at all hours of the day, you cannot afford a slow response.

Outside Hours Call Answering

Some business owners really have their finger on the pulse and every enquiry that comes in during office hours is dealt with promptly. Outside of regular office hours, there might be a recorded message, asking the caller to call back during regular opening times, and while this might work with UK callers, people from other time zones will expect to be able to talk to someone regarding their issue, right there and then. If you are not covered outside office hours, you could be missing out on a portion of business because you are unable to respond in time. An established call handling company would offer round the clock support, and if you only required outside office hour help, they would be happy to provide that. Once your office is closed, any calls that come in will be redirected to the call centre, where a professional receptionist will answer on your behalf, and before you think that will take time, a good virtual receptionist would answer a call within 6 seconds, which is well within acceptable limits.

Emergency Cover

Imagine what would happen if your trusted receptionist were to be taken ill, or suffered a fall and would be out of action for a few weeks? The whole system might break down, as a key player is no longer doing their job, and in order to eliminate the chances of that happening, talk to an online call answering service. No one wants this to happen, but it does, and in the uncertain world we live in, it makes sense to eliminate all risks and contact a reputable call answering service who can solve all your problems.

Annual Holidays

As much as we want our staff to have a well-deserved break, it can cause havoc with the day to day running of the business, and if you were to lose your main receptionist for three weeks, the consequences could be dire. Outsourcing your call handling can be total or partial, and with the flexibility of an established company at the helm, your customers will have a positive experience and will remain loyal.

Seasonal Needs

Some suppliers and manufacturers are particularly stretched during festivals such as Christmas and New Year, and require some additional help during the busy periods. The right call answering company can provide whatever service you need, for as long as you need it. It doesn’t pay to hire permanent staff when you only require the extra labour for short periods, and that’s where a call handling company comes in.

Business Expansion

If you have done your homework and found your niche, the business will soon require additional resources, including reception staff, and you can use the call handling service to take up the excess volume of calls that you are unable to process. As sales increase, you can change the package to accommodate the needs of your organisation, and your call answering partner will be able to advise you on the best way to achieve optimum results.

The Right Impression

Customers will be impressed when they receive an immediate response, and this goes a long way towards them recommending you to their friends, and with professional staff that are fully briefed on your organisation’s activities, your image will always be top notch.

Outsourcing to specialist companies is now the norm in several areas of business, including virtual office services, and with a minimal outlay, your business will be empowered to attain the targets that define success.

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