Online Recharge – The Modern Way Of Recharging Prepaid Phones

Today, several mobile users in India often find themselves in a perplexed situation trying to decide which mobile recharge website to choose to get recharge for their prepaid mobile phone. Over the past couple of years, a plethora of new online mobile recharge service have come up and they offer recharge services for all network connections. Initially, people got their recharge either from the office of the network service they are using or from a local retailer. Then, came the online recharge system where the mobile network service providers allowed their customer to get their top-up and even pay their postpaid bills through their website. Today, however, all of these have become obsolete and the latest and the most popular trend is to recharge through the mobile recharge websites like Freecharge.


The online recharge services like freecharge are known as the third party services and they work in partnership with all the major network services providers. The best thing about using these services is that most of these companies also have a mobile application that you can download and install on your smartphone. The app offers the same features as the website and let you pay your bills and get recharge on the go. Another, major reason why these services have become a huge hit these days is the fact they also offer you a virtual wallet service. You can deposit any amount you want in your wallet and use the money in the wallet at any time you want to make payments for your recharge transaction. But, before you pay through your wallet make sure that you look for freecharge wallet offers, you may find offer that would help you 50% cash back on your transaction.

With online recharge services, you not only enjoy fast recharge but also save your valuable time. If you are busy working in office and run out of credit balance on your phone, you need not have to run from pillar to post to get recharge. Instead, you can simply get your recharge online with just a click of a few buttons or if you have Wi-Fi connection you can use the mobile app and recharge your phone within a matter few seconds.

Several people still are quite apprehensive about using the online mobile recharges services because of the security concerns relating to online payments. While the concern is quite valid, not many people know that these online recharge services transact the payments through a very secure and safe payment gateway. You can be assured that all your vital card/bank details are kept confidential. Also, the online recharge services gives the flexibility of payment, you can pay through your debit card/credit card or online banking. You can even use the gift cards and redeem the amount for your recharge.

The benefits just doesn’t end there. Apart from paying your phone bills and getting your quick recharge for your prepaid connections, these services also let you pay your monthly utility bills. You can pay your electricity bills, gas bills, recharge your DTH connection, get top up for your internet dongle and even pay your insurance premium. With such amazing benefits it is no surprise that these services are touted to be future of mobile recharge.

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