Oneplus 2 Mini: Dual-Rear Camera Setup In Tow

OnePlus has released its second smartphone OnePlus 2, The mark, truly overwhelmed by its success, supported by an intense viral marketing campaign and the establishment of a system of invitations, co-founder Carl Pei has confirmed that another model, OnePlus is currently working on a compact smartphone that would be revealed before the end of the year  like OnePlus 2 Mini.

The OnePlus 2 presented last July proudly exhibited improvement than OnePlus in its finishes, but also more than respectable specifications, In reality, The image presented here, they are far from being made official, upcoming smartphone has popped up on the Internet. The design of smart phones likely may change.

Oneplus 2 Mini Dual-Rear Camera Setup In Tow

Chinese website has published two pictures regarding this smartphone. As for the facade of OnePlus 2 Mini, it reveals no touch button under the screen, thus evoking a specific software integration to Android control keys. The picture module to start, two sensors on its back, together with a dual-LED flash underneath. The fingerprint reader is still in the game and terminal seems well equipped with a similar system to that of Dual Camera.

Oneplus 2 Mini Dual-Rear Camera Setup In Tow1

OnePlus 2 Mini will feature a very smooth design, sleek and suggest a high-end design. It seems thinner than its big brother, however, the back side, unlike OnePlus 2  Home button, the bottom panel is seen featuring a speaker grille alongside the charging slot. The lower portion of OnePlus 2 Mini contains the two speakers placed on either side of the  plug USB Type-C 3.0. The photos reveal a metal frame as OnePlus 2. While the term “Mini” suggests a lower range and that one question arises of a low-cost OnePlus, nothing allows us to affirm the range of this version for now.

After that? That’s about all for now. The hull seems to be made of plastic, but the chassis, It opts instead of metal. Whether it really is the OnePlus Mini or another debate, and it was not until that the next leak to learn a little more about the subject.

According to the recent leaks that rumored OnePlus 2 Mini to feature a 5 inch display, and the unit may well be surprised in the same vein that the LG G4s with a Snapdragon processor 615 and a Full HD 1080p screen. OnePlus 2 houses to recall the fingerprint scanner on the home button. And expected price tag of $249.

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