Nuvolat Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization is a software technology that can encapsulate computer programs from the underlying operating system on which it gets executed. The term virtualization has been used here in the context that the application is being encapsulated where as in hardware virtualization the hardware gets abstracted.

Nuvolat Application Virtualization

A virtualization layer is required for full application virtualization. Normally the operating system provides the application virtualization layers to replace the part of the runtime environment. All the disk operations are intercepted by the layers and transparently redirect them to a virtualized location which is usually a single file.

The application has been accessed virtually and not physically. Also as the application is working with single file now instead of multiple files it is easier to run the application on a different computer and also previous incompatible applications can also run side by side. Many companies offer this service like Nuvolat Cloud Group.

Types of Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization can also be defined as separation of an installation of an application from the client computer that is accessing it. It is of two types –


It is a kind of virtual network through which the end users can easily view and interact with their applications. A constant network connection is mandatory for remote application to function properly. The server-based operating system instances that run remote applications can be shared with other users (a terminal services desktop), or the application can be running on its own OS instance on the server (a VDI desktop).


The execution of an application at the user’s end is termed as streaming. It means that the whenever a user is requested for an application then all the required components are downloaded on a local device of the user. After successful downloading, the user can easily stream their downloaded application without any network connection.

Benefits of Application Virtualization

  • The best feature or benefit of Nuvolat Application Virtualization is that the applications are able to run in environments where previously the native application would not run.
  • Another benefit is for organizations i.e. application virtualization reduces system integration and administration cost is reduced as a common software baseline across multiple diverse computers is set. Also lesser integration protects the operating system and also other applications from being poorly written or buggy code.
  • It also isolates the application which in turn is helpful as the exposure of application is also the exposure of entire Operating System.
  • In some particular cases, it also provides memory protection and IDE style debugging feature may even run the applications that are not coded correctly. Application virtualization reduces cost by using fewer resources than a separate virtual machine.

Limitations of Application Virtualization

The biggest limitation is that not all computer programs can be virtualized. Some applications need a device driver to run 16 – bit applications in shared memory space. Applications like anti-virus programs are heavy and hence need heavy Operating System Integration are difficult to virtualize. Also application virtualization software and the virtualized application must be licensed properly.

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