Multiple Domain Forwarding Practice Is Highly Effective If Done Appropriately

Web forwarding is a process that includes redirecting of multiple web addresses towards a single website. A website with popular name helps to gather lingering web traffic with less effort. Many people are unaware about the fact that they can double traffic through domain forwarding practice. This tactic is grossly underused, but can be highly effective.

Multiple Domain Forwarding Practice Is Highly Effective If Done Appropriately

Domain or URL forwarding is a practice advanced webmasters utilize.

  • Change name

Some people are excited to select the domain name for their first website because they are desperate to start their journey on the internet. They are not aware that the chosen web address cannot be changed. Fortunately, the only alternative left is to use URL forwarding in your control panel instead of purchasing new domain address.

  • Extra domains

Some business owners invest in multiple cheap domain registration related to a particular niche but never use them. Fortunately, you can use this extra domain address by forwarding them to your main domain name. The next step is to start promoting the extra domains online.

If extra domains include keywords then these can rank top in search engines, prior forwarding by adding a little content. After a few weeks, each domain may build some back-links. These multiple domains can be forwarded to your main site address to enhance search engine traffic without constructing multiple websites. You can read more about this here WebsiteSpot.com

  • URL redirection

Domain forwarding and URL redirection is same except you don’t need to forward the entire domain, but specific page within same domain.

Benefits of forwarding domain

Boost traffic to main domain address

Multiple domains are powerful tools, which redirects traffic landed on secondary domain automatically to your main domain address, which is your brands key profit driver.

Multiple domain management

It is vital to produce unique content persistently for your extra, but similar domains. In addition, monitor their performance, concern about each domain SEO and all the other aspects of domain management.

Handle the change conveniently

Domain forwarding is easy to retain old consumers especially addressing expired or penalized domain. All the consumers in your old domain address get redirected to the new domain name.

Aggregate SEO qualities

Domain forwarding allows transferring SEO qualities of secondary domains to your main domain.

Take advantage of misspelled domain

Combination of domain forwarding and multiple domains is great, when primary domain gets misspelled while typing. Buying different but related misspelled domain names is advantageous to enjoy more traffic. In addition, your brand gets protected from domain squatters.

How to forward multiple domains and enjoy the multiple benefits? Let’s look into it –

Open versus masked forwarding

Open forwarding

Visitors may be ignorant about redirection to another domain. It depends on whether forwarding is masked or open. In open forwarding the domain name typed gets switched to a new domain. It is a smart choice to inform users about redirection to another domain rather than get alleged to be a spam site.

Masked forwarding

The old domain address remains on address bar. It means the user is ignorant about being redirected. Masked forwarding process needs to be handled carefully. You can use 301-redirect during masking to avoid getting penalized by Google.

Domain forwarding helps to boost your competitiveness for online visibility as well as traffic generation.