Mobile Spy Apps: Top Features Revealed

Security is one of the biggest issues that people are facing today. With countless people being threatened by unknown faces, threat to privacy and personal wellbeing is taking on a life of its own. From Cyber-bullying to Cyber- stalking, there is no end to this nightmare. This makes the use of spy software all the more necessary in this time and age. The word “spy” in spy apps might raise many people’s hackles but it indeed is one of the sure shot ways to make sure that your loved one is safe at all times. With its remote access features, there are a number of things it supports that can be looked into in real-time without the user of the target device knowing anything about it.

Mobile Spy Apps Top Features Revealed

A few of those features are

Monitor Phone Calls

While some spy apps, such as TheOneSpy allow listen live calls in real time using the remote access features, other might not be able to do so for you. Instead they might be capable of providing you with detailed logs about the caller and the duration of the call and the frequency of the calls being received and sent to this number. Such details are recorded onto the servers of the spy app and can be accessed whenever the user might want to access them.

Save Text Messages

Using the smartphone’s very own messaging system, spy apps can easily keep track of text message being sent and received by the user of the target device. The content that can be retrieved this way may range from simple text messages, to email messages as well as the deleted content. Additionally, images and music files being sent this way are also recorded and kept online to be accessed remotely anytime.


Unlike Text Messenger apps essentially work like old timey chat rooms. Messengers like Facebook Messengers, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, etc all serve as a great alternative to text messages because they are easy to use, they use internet to send data and they are relatively cheaper. Additionally, since teenagers use them for more in-depth conversations, having a way to access them remotely is always in the favour of the parents.

Internet Browsing History

The remote access feature of spy applications allow you to look into the internet browsing history of the target device from anywhere. Not only can you monitor such usage in real-time, but spy apps also allows you to block certain websites from being accessed by the user of the target device. Additionally, spy app will also notify you when a certain blocked website is being accessed.

GPS Tracking

Although GPS is mostly used by mobile owners to find some location, it can also be used the other way around to track the whereabouts of the target device. This way you can not only check if the user of the target device is where they are supposed to be but remote access to target device can also help the user track the location of the device itself in case it gets lost or stolen. Additionally, some apps allow you to remotely access the camera and take a picture of the location without the knowledge of the user.

Mobile Spy Apps: Top Features Revealed

Logs Contact List

Having remote access to the contact list of the target device is also a great way to have a look at all the people the user of the target device stays in touch way. This way you can not only monitor the people the user frequency contacts but also block the number that you do not want the user of the target device to contact or vice versa under any circumstances.

Installed Apps

A good spy app always allows remote access to the various apps being installed onto the target device by the user. This way, you can not only see that apps being installed but remove them and block them from being ever installed again.

Media Files

Most spy apps gives you complete access to files and gallery photos being stored on the target device. This way one can always keep an eye on the content the user of target device is listening to or likes and at the same time block some content as well as delete inappropriate ones without the knowledge of the user.

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