Mistakes That Can Be A Hurdle On Your Road To IIT

The big day is near when you are going to write the entrance examination for the reputed National Institute of Technology (NITs) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) for admission to the undergraduate engineering courses. You may perhaps know what to do before and during the examination. What you should also know are what to avoid during the JEE examinations. As this examination paves the road towards top NIT and IIT in India, you should avoid making certain very common mistakes. Take a break and go through this article and introspect whether or not you are making these mistakes.

Taking the School Syllabus Too Lightly

This is the most common problem seen in majority of JEE aspirants. Post the X standard, student grows increasingly complacent about Top schools in India The situation is worse if the student is enrolled in some good coaching class. Remember that a thorough base of class XI and XII is important for cracking JEE. Right from day one in XI to the last day in XII, you should never take the syllabus too easily.

Referring to Too Many Books

This is another common habit seen in students. It must be noted here that this is a very bad practice. Referring too many books for a particular subject or topic is not going to solve the purpose. Understand the notion that JEE tests what you know, not how much you know. It is important to understand the concepts and practice lots of questions.

Numerical Questions are Must

Very commonly it is seen that a student closes the book once he/she is done with reading the chapter. Nowhere in the JEE examination, a student will be asked to present a synopsis of what he/she has read in the chapter. Post reading the chapter, a student should:

  • Try to solve questions given at the back of the chapter.
  • Instead of buying too many reference books, a student may buy some good question banks to practice questions.
  • Do not give up before attempting the question.
  • If difficulty is faced, it is good. Mark the question and refer it to your teachers. Try to solve it again following the suggestions given by the teacher.

Relaxation in Planning

JEE is not an examination that can be cracked by just a day or a month practice. It requires a dedicated practice of over two years to get a good rank at last. Hence, planning is a must. Students very often do not plan their lessons. This results in piling up of topics at last which makes it messier for the student. A student is advised to refrain from this practice and plan accordingly all his/her lessons in time.

Understand that All the Three Subjects are Important

Many students often argue that because they like a particular subject, they will pay more attention to that. This is not a healthy practice at all. If you like a subject you should give more time to that particular subject. For the specific subject you don’t like, you should give even more time for its preparation. Though harsh, but a student should understand that not doing justice to all the three subjects can mar your chances of securing a place in the top NIT and IIT.

Practice Tests are Also Important

Mistakes That Can Be A Hurdle On Your Road To IIT

If you are preparing for JEE, practice tests are very important. Often students who are taking private tuitions refrain from taking practice tests. This does not do any good towards preparation. There are professional test makers such as Brilliant Tutorials, FIITJEE etc who have practice test packages. The student is evaluated nationally in these tests. It is strictly suggested not to shy away from these tests.

Keeping Everything for Tomorrow

If you have the habit of postponing your lessons and revisions for tomorrow, stop doing that. Postponing lessons will only add up to the stress at the end level. Also, extra effort will have to be paid to recapitulate the lessons.

Final Point for the New Generation – Pay Little Time to your Phones

We all have smart phones in our hands. Students are growing increasingly addicted towards using smart phones and the apps installed in them. If you are serious about JEE, try to balance your studies with smart phone leisure.

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