Microsoft Special Rom That Convert Android Devices To Windows 10 Phones

Windows 10 will go on the market this summer, somewhere between June and September in 191 countries and 111 languages. It will be possible to enjoy on our computers, of course, but also on our hybrid machines on our phones. Until then, nothing very surprising, but there’s still a very interesting detail. Microsoft is developing a Windows 10 special ROM that can be flashed onto Android devices to easily convert them to Windows Phones.

The idea is pretty simple after all. Everyone has neither the desire nor the means to change cell phone every year. And even less to buy two. Redmond therefore wishes to reach out to mobile users, allowing them to get rid of Android in favor of Windows 10.

For now, we still lack details, but Microsoft would approach a popular manufacturer to promote its solution. A builder you know necessarily (inevitably?) Since it is Xiaomi.

Microsoft Special Rom That Convert Android Devices To Windows 10 Phones

Towards a Migration tool to move from Android to Windows 10?

According to information available with which information is obtained directly from the publisher, the famous solution will be offered first to all with “power users” of Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 4 Android smartphone. If they wish, they will be able to install Windows 10 on the terminal without having to get your hands dirty.

Be careful though, because it is not about to hold together the two platforms. Windows 10 will replace the original platform. And, by extension, ROM developed by the Chinese giant.

Stopped by this announcement, Techcrunch has contacted its own sources to try to learn more about this solution. This information should be taken with the most basic of prudence, but Microsoft apparently doesn’t have the intention to stay there.

Instead, the firm intends to apply the tool to all people with a terminal Android home. Without any mark of distinction.

What does it mean? Simply that we risk land in the coming months a migration tool to install Windows 10 on phones powered by Android.

Then of course, if such a tool is to actually see the day, It will bear probably not all makes and all models from the start. However, this ad is far less trivial than it seems. Until now, consumers are dependent on the platform they have chosen. If they buy a LG G3, for example, they are condemned to use Android. They can test other ROM, of course, but the very core of the platform will not change.

This migration tool could change many things. After all, if Microsoft has a solution like this, then Google could very well decide to do the same. If this were to happen, then it would open a whole new horizon for the average user.

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