Media Monitoring – What It Is, What It Does, How To Use It

What is media monitoring? As it implies, it is a careful process of reading, watching, and listening to the editorial contents from the media on a regular basis to identify, analyze and save its contents to ascertain if it contains specific topics. If you need the best media monitoring service, consult with Universal Info.

Monitoring the News Media

Newspapers, magazines, business journals are all type of media monitoring but the most common of it is the TV and radio stations that we have. We can get and read news about what is going on in our surrounding environment and abroad from these sources and as such they are referred to as news monitors.

Media Monitoring - What It Is, What It Does, How To Use It

Media monitoring serve a variety of roles. It is use by both governmental organization and private enterprise for different purposes. It is even used by individuals as well. It is use for advertisement, to make new brands know to the public, and in most governmental institution to tell the public about the services that they render and to provide detailed information about its operations. For instance, free health care. At times the government offer health care program at the general hospitals and they use these available media monitors to enlighten the public about such opportunities. Private enterprises also use it for their own benefit. For instance they know about other companies that are in the same line of business with them and what they offer. This makes it possible for them to get information that will be of great help to their own organization to further know the areas which they need to improve on to meet up with the demands of the public. Individuals like celebrity, uses the media to promote their career. They are able to entertain their fans and the public in general. The media monitoring has also helped business organizations to better understand their strengths and weaknesses

More so, in recent times, due to the advancement in technology, internet has been a good media monitoring tool. Blogs are developed and we even have the more popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitters which can be use to covey vital information to the public.

Online Media Monitoring

Over the past few years, online media monitoring services has grown rapidly and it provides an automatic process to monitor news online. Software are created to this effect on high-powered computer servers to scan the new editorial  news content online without spending much time. The software is developed in such a way that it meets the need of each individual and the information is pasted directly on the wall of the individual. This media monitoring tool is fast, easy and accurate.

Media Monitoring Summary

Some media monitoring services are subscription based with a monthly fee for on-going service. However, the quality of service provided by the many media monitoring professionals is different. Before opting for which tool to use, it is best to try different one for a few weeks so you will better understand the one that best suit your need.