Making Your Pc Completely Secure

If you are wondering how can you make your system a hundred percent hack proof, then you are still in the land of dreams. Well, in all honesty, no system in the world is designed to be hack-proof. Also, most of the time it is not the fault of the machine that it got hacked, but the person who is running it is at fault. If you do not believe me, then log on to any search engine and type “PEBCAK.” It is an old saying in the computer industry about the “Problems Exists Between Chair and Keyboard”, hence PEBCAK.

Did you just check what I said about PEBCAK on Google? Well, this technique is known as social engineering. I just made you do something without evening implying the same. The same technique is applied by professional hackers and scammers to manipulate people into handing over their passwords and bank account details. Sometimes they pretend that they belong to some big multi-national and ask for the remote access of your system. You are then made to believe that you have hit a gold mine while you are actually trading the information stored on your system for pennies.

Making Your Pc Completely Secure

Securing your system completely is like securing your house. You can get the latest security equipment and take all the available security precautions, but they are applicable only against casual thefts or amateur robberies. However, if the same house is being robbed by professional and experienced experts like the ones you see in your favorite Bond kind of movies, then all the security is of no avail. So, it vital that you first decide on how much security do you actually need. Well, the answer to this question varies from a person’s value and position.

Similarly in the world run by computers, if you are a target of hacking in the past, or you have information that can be traded, then you will need top notch security. The primary targets of these hackers include celebrities, investigators, activists, R&D team, government agencies and people who have information about the finances of corporations.

So, if you are one of these individuals or someone else with valuable information on your Pc, then you need to adhere to the following steps to secure your data against theft.

  • Try to keep the Pc in air gap mode.
  • Do not visit sites that provide pirated or cracked software for free.
  • Do not use the system to download free movies and songs, off the internet
  • Do not browse sites that offer free porn.
  • Do not download or install an addon from an untrusted source.
  • Secure your files and folder with a software that locks files and folders on kernel root level.

Well, the point I’m making here is simple. No one gives out stuff for free. Even if you aren’t paying for all the free downloads you do, then someone else is in terms of advertisements or installing adware. Also, professional hackers hide their spyware in such plain sights to get maximum out of their targets. So, it is better to use optimum protection and be wary of the kind of choices you make while using the World Wide Web.

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