Make Cool Slideshows With Music and Pictures With Movavi Slideshow Maker

You always look back at the moments you have cherished, moments that have brought you happiness in the past. Be it an extensive tour with friends, a wedding ceremony, or a baby shower,- if you want to preserve these moments then in this era of technology you can do just that by making slideshows of pictures accompanied by sounds and music relevant to the event. The Movavi Slideshow maker feature of the Movavi Video Editor is extremely effective, helping you to make appealing slideshows with music. The software allows the user to re-live his cherished moments at an extremely affordable price.


What is Movavi Slideshow Maker?

Movavi Video Editor is one of the best video editing software available in the market. Not only is it easy to use but it also provides an array of features which comes in handy to create the desired effect you wish to give to you slideshow. There are a number of tools that help with the process creating tiles, adding visual effects and integrating music in the background. All you need is to gather your pictures and import them on to the software and get started on the journey of preserving your happiest moments.

Detailed Features:

All you have to do is install the requisite software and place the media files you want on the storyboard. Your work is mostly done here. Now the only things that you have to think about are details like what should be the frame size, what kind of slide-effects you want to add, what kind of music you want to incorporate etc. You can chose to have different slides run for different durations based on the nature of your slideshow. The software enables you to choose the way in which you want to make cool slide transitions, add text to your slides, put in music and titles and much more. Once you’re done you can save your file and begin afresh. If you still think that there would be more ways to enhance your slideshows then Movavi Video Editor provides expansion packs with extra effects and a wider array of transitions so you can make your slideshow with the desired look.

What makes is so Special After All?

This isn’t just one of your regular Slideshow making software. The effects and features guarantee to give you the satisfaction of making the slideshow you wanted. Movavi Video Editor has a sleek and dynamic interface which is also pretty easy-to-use. It just doesn’t make you a regular slideshow but provides you with features beyond even your expectations. You can control how to change from slide to slide with the help of awesome transition effects, you can control the timings add titles and text to the images to make them even more memorable. The software will even allow you to put in cool animations inside your slideshow. So, to make a beautiful slideshow; Movavi Video Editor is sure tMake Cool Slideshows with Music and Pictures with Movavi Slideshow Makero be your best bet.

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