Major Things To Know About Copyright Violation Risks Associated with Using Social Media

With the advancement in technology everything is changing at a very fast pace. Internet is one of its major inventions which have changed this world. The use of internet is increasing rapidly and almost everyone is dependent on it these days. It has given us the platform of social media where anyone can communicate at anytime. Social media connects everyone through internet due to which it is being used by many businesses as a way of promotion.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others are some of the major platforms of social media. It is a perfect way to connect with customers and tell them about your product. That’s why digital marketing is growing enormously.

It is a better way to advertise a product of any field. However, sometimes businesses may ignore the part of copyright violation consequences which may appear by using or distributing unlawful contents on these social media platforms.

Major Things To Know About Copyright Violation Risks Associated with Using Social Media

Likewise, the relation of companies dealing with intellectual property and social media can become complex if they don’t follow trademark or copyright rules. Let’s see some of the ways to mitigate this risk of copyright infringement associated with posting or distributing matters on social media:

  • Prohibited use of materials:

Copyright basically is a way of protecting the originality of your work permitted by the law. In this ownership, the owner gets some sole rights which he can do and approve for the following:

  1. To replicate the copyrighted jobs in copies.
  2. To develop imitative works based.
  3. To issue copies of copyrighted jobs to the people by sale.

A copyright violator is the one who breaches all these points of the copyright holder. Almost every company posts certain pictures, videos and other campaigning materials about their products for public viewing. This is a way to do marketing to enhance the brand value and to reach to the maximum number of people.

Many times all these stuffs which businesses publish are not originally theirs but ideally taken from other sources. Hence, if you are using any content of others without even their consent then you may face the liability of copyright violation.

  • Damages or penalties related to copyright violation:

If you found guilty for posting contents which are copyrighted then you will have to pay for the actual damages and may be extra paybacks also or statutory damages.

  • Ways to reduce the risk related to social media:

You must have realized the consequences of copyright infringement as it may cause your company some serious damages. Hence, always check all the contents before posting it on social media platforms whether the work is originally yours or someone else’s and also check if you have legitimate right to post it or not. Further, you must maintain a social media policy to be followed by all the employees.


There is no denial that social media is one of the most effective tools to grow your business. However, you must follow all the legal procedures associated with it.