LG G4 Users Have Problems With The Touch Screen

The LG G4 latest flagship of the Korean manufacturer, allegedly facing the touchscreen issue. The first user feedback of LG G4 was extremely positive. We also noticed new flagship of the Korean was an excellent smartphone, one of our favorites on the market in 2015. Its design is quite elegant, and performance worthy of a high-end. Some users have problems with the touch screen that does not properly respond to “Tap” and finger slides. Explanations.

Not easy to propose a perfectly designed smartphone, which does not suffer any default. If sometimes ignores certain elements finally pesky, little, some are more debilitating than others. It is on the XDA developers forum that LG G4 screen problems were revealed. One user explained which it doesn’t seem to be able to register quick taps or swipes. including “tap” and the finger slides. Which is not standard when it comes to smartphone performance. This is not only the day-to-day problem and The most disturbing is that this bug affects Knock, Knock On Code and which are systems to unlock LG smartphones. Not being able to unlock their smartphone correctly is still a tad annoying.

LG G4 Users Have Problems With The Touch Screen

Especially as on the forum, the developer noted that this problem took the opportunity to sound out other users. Result: 60% of users are facing the same problem touchscreen Among all participants(194 users), 40.21% of those asked say that they are having no issue with the touch screen of LG G4. So we really can’t blame those. However, it seems that the problem is more about software than anything else, and a fix can be implemented soon. It is likely that the LG integrates upgrade to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Last year, the LG G3 had also been a debate with sometimes slow interface.

For now, LG has not commented on this issue touch screen. It must be said that only a handful of users is concerned. But the bugs could reach a much wider range, all owners of a LG G4 does not necessarily using the site XDA.

Are you experiencing something similar with your LG G4? You can see the issue by click this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A5fDzq1ip4&feature=youtu.be&t=90)Open the dialer and type in 277634#*# to open the service menu. Go to Device Test -> Service Menu – Manual Test -> Touch Draw Test – Manual.

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