Lenovo: Smartwatch With Two Displays

Lenovo is the biggest PC seller in the world, One of the biggest conundrums of smartwatches has been screen size. Lenovo showed off concepts at the Tech World 2015 in Beijing a concept in which the physical screen is expanded to include a digital projection. A Smart Watch with two screens and a smartphone with an integrated laser projector. Both are not pure fantasy, The hybrid notebook Yoga design  was introduced in a similar way to house exhibitions of Lenovo.

In the event Tech World 2015 Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius said, the clock designated Magic View was designed to overcome two typical problems of Smart Watches: two small screens and lack of privacy. It is the limitations deal that the small display of a Smart Watch puts the small size with it – it can be represented in a meaningful way only certain content. The purpose of the second screen, an interactive display on the top side of the bracelet. With mirror technology, it creates a virtual image that acts 20 times larger than the actual screen. In addition, users can view incoming messages discretely here instead – readable for third parties – display on the main screen. Thus, for example, the maps of navigation apps, photos or videos in a meaningful size display.

Lenovo Smartwatch With Two Displays

The system is likely still in its infancy, because you have to maintain very consistent in order to see the image can set the distance of the projector. The angle must not be changed. In addition, the clock is still very clunky.

The laser projector smartphone has Lenovo “SmartCast”. Thus, users can view images and videos on a wall or table top. In addition to the laser projector Lenovo integrated at the top of the housing and an infrared motion detection and algorithms for the gesture recognition to allow interaction with the projection.

This allows a virtual keyboard or a keyboard projected onto the table, on which the user taps or can play. This demonstrated to the Lenovo-fair of famous pianist Lang Lang. In addition, Lenovo looks for video conferencing option to project the interlocutor on the wall and at the same time represent other content on the smartphone screen. An availability date is not called Lenovo. With the introduction, but it is serious. “We would not show the usual” CTO Peter Hortensius said.

The projector is equipped with bulbs like most projectors, but a combination of LEDs and lasers that allow the user to enjoy a second projected screen anywhere. Whether on a wall, on a table or desk, the projector is rotating and thus allows increased usage. The best is that the user can interact with the display as if it were a second touchscreen. For now, it is only a concept but no doubt that Lenovo will push its reflection through both uses can then be varied. And you, what do you think of this revolutionary smartphone and smartwatch?

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