Learn What All To Consider When Buying CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are supposed to provide you with added safety to yourproperty. However, with a number of such cameras available in the market, finding one which suits your requirements is not easy. Here we bring to you the important considerations to bear in mind when buying a CCTV camera.

One of the vital parameters of buying the right cctv in dubai is to find out where you want to place your camera, which means do you want it for indoor or outdoor use. While an outdoor camera should be able to withstand extreme weather, for indoors you will need a cctv camera, which is compact.

Learn What All To Consider When Buying CCTV CameraSecond thing on your list should be to look for a cctv camera that it must have the required coverage and target distance. For this, the kind of lens you use will help to determine the area it covers and hence choose one which has vari-focal lens. Such a lens of the cctv camera will take care of the width and the distance the camera can capture.  You can opt for fisheye camera, which gives wider coverage.

The third consideration is the image resolution you need. This can be known with the help of number of pixels,which are the color dots the camera image has.Remember, the more is the image resolution, the more number of details will be provided by the camera. The downside of this is you will need more storage space for recording.

Fourth consideration that can not be missed is that in case you need to capture video in the darkness then in such a situation you need cameras that has day/night and infrared lighting configurations. Such configurations make use of infrared LEDs where the camera switch on automatically when it is dark. This allows the camera to take black & white video in darkness easily. So, look for cameras with high IR light to get clear images in the dark.

Many times there are situations when the installed cameras are tampered with by people. Therefore, you would need to choose a CCTV camera that is vandal-resistant. By this it means that such a camera with hard to break glass covers. Such cameras are avilable in the market by the name of explosion-proof cameras.  Though, they may be expensive compared to other types of cctv camera but is worth the investment.

When buying a cctv camera you should also keep in mind the camera housing. In the market, there are mainly three types of camera housing. First is the Dome camera that can be used for both indoors and outdoors and the main feature of the camera is that it is difficult to know which side it is pointing. Next, is the box camera, which is the basic shaped of cctv camera. Such shape clearly shows the direction where it is focusing. The third is the bullet camera, that are cylindrical in shape, offers waterproof housing and is perfect for outdoors where you want to be little discreet.

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