Learn The Basics Of A Standard PBX Technology

PBX is a short form for Private Branch Exchange System. This system serves as a private telephonic network in an office premise. It also works as a gateway that connects a company to the exterior world.

This physical and on-site switching system connects to a public switched telephone system. This helps in establishing a connection to the telephone lines, satellite communication networks, cellular networks, and others type of network that makes communication smooth, reliable and effective.

What is PBX

PBX technology routes all the calls received on the device to the appropriate extension. This is the best way to share telephone lines among extensions in an office.

Asterisk PBX offer exemplary IP telephone systems that have the capabilities to add more extension lines to assist in the growth of your business. These wonderful systems offer a wide range of calling features to make communication more effective.

PBX system is characterized as a business-graded phone system that offers voice features that companies require to execute its daily operations. Analog PBX system effectively manages calls between fax machine and phones by making a copper wire connection with them.

Basic functions of a PBX enabled phone system

PBX system offers several benefits to an organization. It improves the communication among the various departments in the following way:

  • A single telephone number gives quick access to all the employees and departments of the company
  • Offer options to direct the call, like connecting to a particular department or an extension
  • Just by entering digits that match the name of the employee, these systems make an entire directory of employee extensions very easily accessible
  • Promotes even distribution of calls to an office department among the different employees via Automatic Call Distribution queues
  • Provides facility to enable callers to place their call on hold when the line they want to reach is busy
  • Caller who is waiting on hold listen to music or customized messages to keep them connected
  • Voice message service for all employee departments and extensions in the company
  • Facility to transfer calls between different extensions
  • Caller using PBX phones can perform conferencing of multiple incoming calls
  • These systems maintain an elaborate record of all incoming and outgoing calls on the system

Advantages of using a PBX system over other communication technologies

PBX systems are a reliable communication system that can easily meet the varying needs and size of a business. If you are looking for the best communication systems for your office, then get in touch with MyPBX Nigeria. Experienced IP telephonic service providers at this company use the most appropriate IP PBX systems to offer the perfect solution to their clients.

PBX system is a fixed and affordable system to offer high level performance to its users.  These systems come in analog and digital technology to efficiently send video and voice communications that utilize the power of Internet.

A PBX system can be the best inclusion to your existing business communication infrastructure. Its flexibility and convenience allow one to add several functions to enhance the communication in just a few simple configuration.