Latest Offerings by Google Cloud About Which Developers Should Know

Google cloud is undoubtedly one of most preferred cloud computing platforms available today. Basically, it is a collection of public cloud computing services that are proffered by Google, but what make it highly preferable among developers and IT organizations is its offering of an extensive range of hosted services for storage, computing as well as application development running on Google hardware. These services can be accessed easily by cloud administrators, software developers and other enterprise IT professionals on the public internet or through a dedicated connection of network. The core computing services by Google Cloud include:

  • Google Cloud storage
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Container Engine
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Data Processing and Analytics services
  • Apache Spark for big data processing and many more.

Apart from these, Google recently hosted its inaugural cloud developer conference in San Francisco & unveiled a handful of new offerings over the cloud. On the cloud side, Google intent to distinguish machine intelligent features from its platform to those of other cloud services providers. Sam Charrington, big cloud and data analyst advisor also stated: “Cloud’s not done. The industry has just begun the journey.”

Latest Offerings by Google Cloud About Which Developers Should Know

Some of the new offerings by Google Cloud are included here in this article and can absolutely be very helpful for IT professionals.

  • Machine Learning: The major focus of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is on machine learning that will take care of everything from data ingestion to prediction. The final result will be: Any application can now take advantage of same deep learning techniques that will empower many of the Google services.
  • Cloud IAM: Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) is another extremely beneficial service for an IaaS platform and can help manage; which users can log in and can work inside of a cloud. These new features offer more fine-grained access controls for GCP environment.
  • Audit Logging: This is yet other important feature that is intended to aim squarely at enterprise customers. For the purpose of security and other operational tasks.
  • Stack Driver: It is called as unified logging, monitoring as well as diagnostics service that helps to make ops easy. By this, customers can now choose Google’s tools to manage their complete cloud usage.
  • Customer Supplied Encryption Keys: Google has announced the beta of encryption keys that can be managed by customers themselves & are scheduled to make available shortly. This new feature will allow customers instead of Google to hold the keys.
  • Google Cloud API: API is a very significant feature that allows developers to integrate Google cloud data in the numerous apps as for instance cloud monitoring apps.
  • Open Source: Google has open sourced various key projects from Spanner to Hadoop MapReduce , Kubernetes, container management, machine learning tools Data flow and Tensor flow.
  • Big Query Advancements: GCP’s BigQuery, a Cloud-based analytics data warehouse is one of the central analytics tools of Google cloud. It announced a price fall of 50% for data stored in BQ for more than 90 days; and a store engine and Capacitor that will speed up some queries by 10X.

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