Know About The Dramatic Difference Between Dedicated and VPS Servers

Choosing a right web host is one of the biggest decisions while you are planning to build a strong web presence of your business. Not only that the performance of a website depends on its host, but also it works as a big data store for all the files that are needed to be displayed on your website.

At your disposal, you may find a lot of options while choosing a web hosting service. Shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and virtual private server (VPS) would be some of the most common and basic plans amongst all of them.

Today, we have done a comparison post between VPS and dedicated hosting, so that you may get to know the best online hosting services that suit your needs.

Know About The Dramatic Difference Between Dedicated and VPS Servers

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS splits between different websites or hosting accounts with the help of its server’s resources. It may be understandable in this way that a lot of different users opt to use a home computer in multiple ways.

There are both high end and low-end options available in VPS allowing the users to make a choice of their kind. It is the best web hosting service for those who are unable to produce massive traffic having more basic websites. And since they can’t afford the expense of dedicated servers and require root access on their server, VPS is the best solution for them.

Dedicated Hosting

The major attraction of a dedicated server is that it literally gives you the overall control. Unlike shared hosting, you are not required to share it with multiple users. Since it is solely dedicated to your personal use, you enjoy the rights of the server’s all resources and configure the hosting environment the way you like. Another attraction is the hardware for dedicated web hosting services; as in many cases, only one computer is shared by the VPS resources where dedicated servers have numerous web hosting customers.

Should I Choose VPS or Dedicated Hosting?

A VPS hosting is always much inexpensive than a dedicated hosting. It is so because you don’t have to get your own equipment, which is why you also get a lot lesser resources. When it comes to select between these two types of hosting, it is recommended to consider to overview your site that you are running with its scalability.

The major factor while determining between the two is the kind of resources your website requires. Whether you intend to host large media files, run scripts and back-end applications, or expect to have a massive amount of traffic to your website. These are the important factors while considering options your site.

If you have a certain limit to your amount of resources, better go with VPS or else dedicated hosting would be a much stronger option.


Keep in mind, there is no right and wrongs in web hosting services. You simply need to have a clear idea about the type of servers that are required for your website. Although different kind of servers is allowed to operate different websites by offering an excellent performance without any trouble, you simply need to understand what suit you the best.

Since we have discussed VPS and dedicated hosting, both are perfect for their suitable features and settings for any size of the site for a web application.