JReview- Best For Analysis Of Clinical Data

JReview is the proven web-enabled software program exclusively engineered to improve medical test procedure for drug, biotech and medical device companies. Offering a quicker, more effective procedure for examining, graphing, confirming and examining medical data, JReview allows customers to proactively handle the various levels of the medical test procedure.

JReview- Best For Analysis Of Clinical DataJReview Expert provides an integrated ability to dynamically combining several research, even across tasks – just by multi-selecting each research of interest using the regular Windows conference of Move or CTRL + click. Then, any of the reviews, charts, etc. will run against the combined set of research data. No data moving or duplicating of data is needed as it happens instantly and on the fly.

JReview knows about patient’s guideline, endpoint, or any time-related event and allows customers to choose sufferers depending on these features to review or chart these activities, for example, sufferers with 10% level of LDH from the guideline.

JReview offers an extensive set of features specific to medical research:

– Detailed data reporting

– Risk-based monitoring

– Clinical data charts and visualization

– SAS & R integration

– Patient narratives

– User-friendly interface

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