IT Procurement Processes Simplified With Lean BPM

Making the decision as a company to invest in an updated, upgraded or more strategic IT solution is a necessary decision for continued growth & expansion within that company.  Many business owners can find this task to be overwhelming because of the complexities in understanding exactly what kind of IT Solution is necessary within your company and then keeping up to speed with the technological changes.

Let’s face it, unless you’re selling baked goods from a road side stand in the middle of Idaho with the ability to live off of the $12.00 a day income, a person can’t run much less work in a successful business without using at least one form of technology.

While businesses continue to operate, grow and change so do the technology advances that support this growth.  Keeping up with the speed of change is necessary in running a business and logic would tell you as the business owner that if you want to grow at the speed in which the technology that runs your business grows then the investment to keep that technical investment up to date and protected is a necessary and critical investment.  Determining the right IT Solution and making that investment is best left to the IT Service Providers who specialize in nothing but delivering successful solutions like this.

IT Procurement Processes Simplified With Lean BPM

As a procurement manager of an IT Solutions based company it is safe to say that managing the procurement process that provides the most up to date IT solutions to successful business customers (both external and internal) can be complex, stressful and often times daunting.  Procurement professionals, in general, typically work alongside a procurement team or department to insure that all procurement projects are executed in a timely manner while complying with the company’s procurement guidelines.

The procurement process can be as simple or as complex as the products and services offered by the prospective company.  Managing the procurement process for an ever changing IT Company can be one of the more challenging roles among the Procurement Professional realm simply because of the speed at which technology changes.  Many Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) have found major difficulties with key areas in the IT procurement process within their company including being able to manage spend creep & ensuring cost containment, communicating with vendors who have limited experience or a high turnover rate, receiving lengthy and complex RFPs that require equally lengthy and complex IT solutions, having overlapping or conflicting terms from funding sources and delivering the requested parts to the IT engineering team within the short deadline given.

The question is how an IT company can quickly deliver such strategic IT Solutions without using a separate IT department just for the procurement portion of these solutions?  The answer is JobTraQ.  JobTraQ is a process management software that is fully customizable to any company to manage anything from procurement to overall business process management.  While there are several excellent software programs designed exclusively for the procurement process there are not, to my knowledge, any programs that can manage the procurement process specifically created for that company while simultaneously managing that company’s entire business process.

Optimizing efficiency and work flow within a business is a necessary process that changes at the speed in which that business grows.  Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to implement a solution that can easily change at the same speed as the business changes and with dependable results every time?  My company, Swift Systems, uses JobTraQ to manage our procurement process.  I am the procurement manager, I am the procurement team.

Christina Patterson is the company administrator for Swift Systems, Inc, a regional IT MSP and she uses JobTraQ to manage IT procurement.

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