iPhone 8

2017 will mark 10 years since the revolutionary iPhone was developed and entered the market from the technology super giant that is Apple. Whilst it may seem only a short while ago since the iPhone 7 came out, the iPhone 8 is certainly on the horizon and surprisingly, it promises to make some major improvements, breakthroughs and innovations, which many people have claimed previous iPhones have not done, stating for example that the iPhone 7 simply doesn’t do enough in order to justify the price increase over its predecessor, the iPhone 6, with the main complaints centring around the fact that it just simply did not deliver enough of, or a noticeable improvement in terms of battery life.

iPhone 8
In contrast to the disappointment of the iPhone 7, many people believe that the new iPhone 8 will truly be a new phone and Apple are said to be planning a huge amount of developments from the previous iPhone, which has got many people excited by the prospect of the release and several of the new features and improvements that are rumoured to have been made. As always, Apple is being very secretive about the whole process, but several rumours have merged about some of the new features.

The recent iPad Pro release has a revolutionary screen, that will auto-adjust to natural light and this has proved to be very popular among customers with the iPad Pro, it is expected that some of the same technology used in the screen for the iPad pro will be put into use and developed so that it can be implemented into the new iPhone 8, for a better quality experience for the phone user. There has been rumours in terms of the exterior hardware of the phone also and many are expecting a somewhat stainless steel design at least in parts and also some function that involves the ability of the phone to wirelessly charged without being plugged into the mains, which is definitely highly anticipated technology that many iPhone users have waited a long time for.

One major advancement in terms of the camera, which has been a constant throughout the timeline of the iPhone in general could actually delay the release, as Apple is rumoured to struggle with being able to get a 3D camera to work on the new iPhone 8. The phone is also said to be trending towards becoming more like a Macbook, Apple’s own laptop that is also a very popular product, with its own function bar, something which has been added to the latest versions of Mac books with good customer feedback. This will make the iPhone 8 feel more like a computer and could see the user being able to do things they would normally do on a laptop on their phone.

The iPhone 8 also has a very new and exciting feature for all of its potential customers, of which there is likely to be many given the excitement and anticipation. One of these is talk of developing more and more augmented reality applications to use on the phone, the technology of course came to prevalence with the release of the popular app, Pokemon Go, but the iPhone 8 promises a much more immersive, impressive and overall better experience with the technology, with some depth-sensing features being available to use with the phone, which will be an advancement in technology indeed.

Developments to improve existing performance of old phones have also been made, with news of the new and innovative touch sensors which apple will look to deploy and run within the new model. These sensors are supposed to be much more responsive which will make for a better all round experience in using the device and reportedly cost 50% more than the previous sensors used in Apple iPhones.

There has been little or limited information in terms of the overall look, shape and size of the new iPhone 8, however, one such rumour that the phone will be curved, has been ruled out and this is to the delight of many of the potential customers, desperate to get their hands on the iPhone 8. The recent excitement around the iPhone 8 could see Apple really rally in terms of their stocks and investment opportunities. For the prudent people out there, this could be a good time to invest, which can be done easily with some reduced risks when using sites such as CMC markets.