3 Ways To Break Down International Communications Barriers With IP-PBX

When your offices are spread far and wide in different corners of the world it can get a little tough to connect all of them in an effective manner. This is especially true of companies that use traditional telephone systems such as PTSN. You need to understand that the copper wires that are used to build these legacy systems will not cover oceans. This means that your domestic offices will not be connected to ones outside the country. In case you have to communicate with your international offices you can jolly well be sure that it will cost you plenty of money that would be well-invested otherwise. This is the reason why you will see that many of your competitors these days are settling for IP-PBX systems.

3 Ways To Break Down International Communications Barriers With IP-PBX

With IP-PBX phones you would be able to establish connections between your various offices in a seamless manner. It would be scalable, it would save you a lot of money, and your communication systems will be much more robust than before. A recent research by TeleGeography suggests that use of switched telephone lines has come down at a CAGR of 4% since 2008. In the same period there has been a yearly growth of 18% in the subscriptions of VoIP phones. Thus it can be said that more people these days are opting for IP-PBX phones and that too at a commendable rate – if not an exponential one.

It is expected that this rate would only continue to head north in the days ahead even as businesses try to make their phone systems better and more flexible than before. With the help of IP-PBX phones it is possible for you to reduce your telecom-related expenses and also improve your communications on a daily basis. Since such communication is done over the internet it is actually possible to communicate with your various international branches for free.

  1. Reduction in telecom fees

In your business, if you need to frequently communicate with colleagues who are located in the remotest of locations you will see that your telephone bills are spiking up like never before. This is the problem that you have with traditional telephone systems, which are never capable of making long-distance calling a convenient affair. So, if you wish to bring down your phone bills and make long distance calling easier than what you are used to – both financially and operationally – it is better to implement an IP-PBX system. Through this system you would be able to route your long distance calls through the internet and thus do away with any charge for long distance calls at all.

  1. A better corporate culture

It can get quite difficult to get in touch with colleagues who are spread across different areas of the world. This will also mean that the corporate culture that your company is looking to establish is being compromised. In any setup when you are able to communicate on a frequent basis it means that the levels of understanding are far better than before and the organization grows as well. This happens no matter how far apart your colleagues are spread. When you use IP telephone systems to connect your offices you make sure that communications happen on a more consistent basis and as a business leader you are able to make sure that the company goals are met and its values are observed to a greater extent.

  1. A greater level of scalability

You may have been able to spread your business to various parts of the world but do you know how far this would go? With an IP-PBX system you would be able to scale your business irrespective of the number of locations that you expand your business to over time. With IP telephone systems you would be able to add phone lines in a short span of time and also connect your offices properly thus. The best of all this is that you would not need to pay any extra money for this. This means that even when your business grows your phone system will not suffer from issues such as decrease in productivity that happens when incompetent phone systems are unable to connect the far-flung offices of a company.

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