IP Camera Or CCTV Camera : Which One Is The Best Option

In today’s time, it is extremely important to protect your home against the threats. And the best answer is surveillance. These surveillance cameras provide an extra set of eyes to guard your home. It tightens the security, especially when you are not at home. Security cameras not only deter people from breaking in but also helps in capturing them. For homeowners, it means having their eyes always on their home even when they aren’t there.

IP Camera Or CCTV Camera : Which One Is The Best Option

There are  a lot options available out there for you, out of which IP security camera and Analog CCTV cameras being the most popular. But the question is which one is the most beneficial for you? If you research for them, you would find out that there have been clear disputes over these two set of surveillance cameras over the internet. If you are thinking CCTV cameras are outdated and only gives grainy black and white videos, you can’t be more wrong. These cameras have come a long way with IP technology, quality and complexity.

Over the years, internet has changed the world, similarly it is changing the world of security. With the help of networks, the video surveillance can go live on the internet to provide you with clearer and crisper images. Also, these are easier to track and monitor than ever before.

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People usually think IP security cameras are much better but it is not always the case. The thing is it’s all about your needs and wants and you should make your decision only on that basis.

IP Camera:This technology allows you to see the instant transmission of images, from anywhere in the world. Also, you can monitor multiple cameras, that too from one remote location. It doesn’t matter how far off your location is. In addition to this, due to everything being digital, however many times you view the video the quality of the images won’t diminish.

As the images are encrypted for only security purposes, no one can tamper with them and security images remain safe. So, even if you are enjoying your holiday thousands of miles away from home, you can see how things are going in your home and business. Just open your laptop, click on wireless connection and you are good to go!

CCTV Camera: When it comes to CCTV camera system, you can make use of a VCR or a DVR. They are digital video recorders that have lots of space to hold the videos. This system is quite easy to use and preferred by businessmen and individuals both. You can review your video for later or keep the recordings for future reference. Many of these systems are networkable and can be controlled by Internet.

You won’t even have to spend much over it as CCTV systems are less expensive. No doubt there are drawbacks with this system but it’s advantages definitely outweigh its disadvantages, in terms of availability, cost, predictability and of course ease of use.

Conclusion: Both the systems have their own pros and cons and are used by millions of people all over the world. So, identify your needs and go for the one that meets them the best and is also within your budget.