International Locations For 2X* Series Call Signs

The DX call indicators within the G and M sequence comply with the equal layout. The 2nd letter of the prefix indicates the nation and cause of the licence.

International Locations For 2X* Series Call Signs

Prefix nation / motive G & M, no 2d letter England GB special event stations

GC & MC Wales – membership licence (non-compulsory alternative prefix)

GD & MD Isle of Man

GH & MH Jersey – club licence (optional substitute prefix)

GI & MI Northern eire GJ & MJ Jersey

GM & MM Scotland  amateur radio

GN & MN Northern eire – membership licence (non-compulsory substitute prefix)

GP & MP Guernsey – membership licence (not obligatory replacement prefix)

GS & MS Scotland – membership licence (optional replacement prefix)

GT & MT Isle of Man – membership licence

GU & MU Guernsey GX & MX England – club licence (optional alternative prefix)

GW & MW Wales

Countries and purposes for G and M series call indicators

Although beginner radio membership stations are allotted call indicators making use of the commonplace series of prefixes, they also have the option to make use of the opposite prefixes unique in the desk above to denote that they are a club station. This can be exceptionally valuable when they are working in targeted as a membership station when they want to make their reputation more apparent, or for instance in some ham radio contests where a new prefix has brought value.

GB call indicators The GB prefix is used for a kind of unique ham radio licences starting from repeaters and beacons to information mailboxes and specific even stations. It’s feasible to tell the usage of the station and licence from the layout of the callsign.

GB name signal structure motive

GB3 + 2 letters Repeaters

GB3 + 3 letters Beacons

GB7 + 2 letters data repeaters

GB7 + 3 letters information mailboxes

GB + other digits not recounted above certain occasion stations For routine such as contests it is also viable to acquire call indicators consisting of the prefix plus one letter. For illustration MW0A might be used for a ham radio contest, and so forth.


Name sign examples listening on the newbie radio bands, a colossal style of UK call indicators with one of a kind prefixes can also be heard. With the aid of utilising the above tables and knowledge it is possible to investigate so much in regards to the station making use of them. Even though no UK name signs with serial letters within the sequence QAA to QZZ had been issued, these can be utilized as examples as they do not belong to actual stations. For instance it can be visible that a station with the decision signal G3QQQ would have been issued with a class A license and now maintain a UK full licence, but it will were issued between 1946 and 1971, good earlier than the current licensing system was once presented. An beginner radio station with the decision signal GB3QQ could be a repeater, and so on.

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