Interesting Features Of The Ordering System Software

Online ordering is loaded with multiple features. Each of these features is in sync with each other so that the overall experience is beneficial to both the restaurateurs and the customers. After you get the system installed in your restaurant make sure that you utilize each of these features. Some of the popular ones are discussed below:

Interesting Features Of The Ordering System Software

  • The ordering system software has a simple, easy-to-use interface admin panel. This ensures that you can create food menus, food groups in a smooth fashion.
  • The built-in facility allows you to set modifiers on all the menus offered by your restaurant.
  • With the online food ordering software, you have access to a centralized Food Ordering System (CRS) that allows you to control and supervise all your restaurants at the same time. You can look into all the restaurants individually as well. It depends entirely on you.
  • You have access to single and multiple admin panels and login for each restaurant.
  • As a restaurateur, you need to know how many orders are placed in a single day. You can check out the orders placed, print orders, update orders and even print the kitchen order tickets.
  • Change the date, time, language and currency settings as per your customer segment.
  • The ordering system software helps to increase the profit margin through online order placement from anywhere as per the customer’s convenience.
  • You can now analyze & bring more business to your restaurant via this online system. There are many customers who are unable to visit your restaurant due to their busy lifestyle. For them, this online order placement is a boon. Moreover, you don’t lose out on any of your customers.
  • When you have access to the customer contact details, you can drop them emails about upcoming offers in your restaurants. This is a great way to promote your business.
  • Offer seasonal discounts on menu items to your customers with the online food ordering system.

Nowadays, 40% of the customers order food online. 67% of men order online while 33% of the women order online. Research shows, the major portion of the online order is placed between 12 to 3 pm and 10 to 7 pm at night. Some of the major reasons for the growing demand of online ordering system can be summed up as:

  • Takes less time to place the order online than calling up the restaurant.
  • Mode of payment is easy – cash or card.
  • Online coupons are a great way to get exciting discounts.
  • Food gets delivered right at the doorstep.

In spite of so many interesting features, there are many restaurants that still don’t use the online ordering facility. If you are one of them, you should go ahead and get it installed. As a restaurateur, you have no idea what you are missing out on. In fact, all those restaurants who have installed this software have noticed a significant growth in their overall business.