Industrial Odor Control: A Business On the Rise

Odor in industrial settings can originate from a variety of sources, such as the chemicals used or the dust generated by construction activities. Regardless of where they are from, one thing is important – to use an effective odor control system. The latter will minimize the likelihood that the unpleasant smell will distract the workers and will make them unproductive in their jobs.

Thankfully, there are now many providers of industrial odor control solutions. For instance, BossTek is one of the companies with an odor control equipment that can be used in an industrial setting. Why are these companies on the rise? What industries ate benefitting from odor control? Read on and find out!

The Popularity of Industrial Odor Control

It is said that there are more than one million industrial sites in the United States that are producing unpleasant smell as a result of their daily operations. Aside from this, neighbors have also been complaining about a foul odor. More so, regulatory violations and lawsuits have also been common because of the failure of businesses to address the source of the smell. These explain why industrial odor control is booming.

In one report that has been published by Business Wire, it has been reiterated that the global odor control agent market is anticipated to hit more than $3.3 billion in 2023. To be specific, some of the areas that will grow include controlling odor in food and beverage processing, air purification, and water treatment. The same report also notes that the rise of industrial odor control businesses can be attributed to an increase in industrialization in developing countries.

Industries that Will Benefit from Odor Control

Obviously, the business is on the rise because there is a demand. There are many companies that are in need of industrial odor control to make their workplaces safer and more productive. Otherwise, if the industrial odors are present, the employees won’t end up being unproductive.

To be specific, below are some of the industries that will benefit from industrial odor control:

  • Construction: Odor is a big problem in construction sites. One of the main sources of an unpleasant smell in the construction site is the waste, metal scraps, wood, and concrete, among others, can have a foul odor. Water puddles that result from digging and other activities will also be likely sources of unwanted smell.
  • Landfills: Just the mere mention of a landfill will already connote a foul odor. It is basically a mountain of garbage, so it is easy to understand why this can be another source of an industrial odor.
  • Manufacturing Plants: Regardless of whatever it is being manufactured, including automotive and food, chances are, the processes will yield unpleasant smell.
  • ●       Agriculture: Hog and livestock farming, among other agricultural activities, can also be a significant source of an odor.

Indeed, industrial odor control is a big business. The demand is constantly there because of the need to manage sources of unpleasant smell in the workplace for the benefit of the employees.