Important Tips to Keep In Mind While Climbing Solo Queue in League of Legends

League of Legends can throw more excitement to your way than you can ever imagine. If you have already done away with the initial setup challenges and now ready to approach solo queue, you need to keep in mind a few very important tips. For example-

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Don’t Get Confused With the Name SoloQ

More often than not, young gamers panic after hearing the term SoloQ. If you are one such newbie gamer, make sure you keep calm and try to understand the real meaning of this term. SoloQ is nothing but the ranking system used by the League of Legends community. There are seven ranking tiers divided that you need to be aware of. They are Challenger, Master, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Here Challenger is the highest level one can achieve while Bronze is the basic ranking every gamer is given in League of Legends.

Keep In Mind the Technical Part

If you want to jump the SoloQ, you need to be aware of all the technical terminologies used by the players. It will not only help you take quick decisions but also increase your chances of clearing the level you are in. As you already know that there are different tiers ranging from Bronze to Challenger, you need to keep in mind one simple trick. To clear each level, you will have to acquire 100 LP or league points and clear five divisions (ex. Bronze 1, Bronze2, Bronze5). These are not applicable on Master and Diamond tiers.

Don’t Ignore Your Objectives

Don’t be like other gamers who lose their levels even after winning required league points. Yes, you read it right. The primary reason behind their loss is but their negligence about objectives. League of Legends tiers come with different objectives, such as turrets, neutral monsters, Inhibitors and Nexus. Don’t ignore these objectives as they can ruin your game plan at the last moment. Go for kills, but get rid of objectives side by side.

Jumping League of Legends SoloQ isn’t that difficult if you pay heed to these few points and construct a game plan accordingly. So, keep a note of this League of Legends Solo Queue guide and prepare yourself in the best way possible to win every level without any trouble.

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