Important Thing You Need To Know About WordPress Trade Marking

The WordPress community is very large. WordPress currently runs a big part of the Internet, so there are a lot of people using it. But, if you are only getting into WordPress, you need to know a few things. One of the things you should learn about are a few things about the WordPress logo, and more importantly, WordPress trademarking. Those things are very important, and if you are just getting started on WordPress, they especially matter to you, because you’re probably not familiar with all the different things about WordPress trademarking. You should read on to find out more about WordPress trademarking and the WordPress logo.

Important Thing You Need To Know About WordPress Trade Marking
1. You need to make sure that you always write WordPress with a capital P in it. And if that seems strange to you, believe us, it is not. People are very serious about it, which can be seen in the fact that WordPress actually has a built in filter which capitalizes a lower case p whenever the wordWordPress is spelled that way, so you can see that it is pretty important. You don’t have to worry too much because of this feature, but just know that WordPress is always written with a capital P. The WordPress community is super serious about it, and if you mess it up, you probably won’t have a good time.

2. You aren’t allowed to use the word WordPress in your domain name. That is due to the fact that WordPress is a trademark, and although you can use it as a subdomain, you can’t really use it in your domain name. You can use an abbreviation like WP, but using the entire word WordPress is a violation, and you mustn’t do it. If somebody notices your mistake, they can report you, and then you may be in some serious trouble, so be certain that you don’t make that quite costly mistake.

3. When it comes to the WordPress logo, you probably know what it looks like. You probably don’t know is that you can often unkowingly use a slightly different logo than the original, which is pretty similar, but different. And people can tell the difference. The real WordPress logo has a slightly taller W, and you can always google it and see the difference between the real and the fake logo. You probably won’t get much heat if you use a slightly different logo than the real one, but why take the chance when you can just use the real thing.

4. Lastly, there are the colors that you should be using when you are using the real WP logo in some artwork you have been making. There are official WordPress color paletts, so you should be using them. They go something like this:

Pantone 7468
CMYK 97, 44, 26, 3
Hex #21759b
RGB 33, 117, 155

Pantone 1665
CMYK 6, 86, 100, 1
Hex #d54e21
RGB 213, 78, 33

Pantone Black 7
CMYK 65, 60, 60, 45
Hex #464646
RGB 70, 70, 70