Important Conversion Rate Tips Beginners Should Know

Those who are just new in Internet marketing would think that doing some modifications on a website can be overwhelming. What if the conversion rate doesn’t go up, but down? What if you end up involving a web designer to perform all the changes, and end up affecting the business negatively?

These issues are quite normal, but we won’t defend conversion optimisation as well. It’s important to note that each business has its own risks and in order to better the conversion rate of a website, it’s crucial to explore the new territories cautiously.

That said, for those who consider conversion optimisation as something new, the best move would be to familiar oneself with the best practices for conversion rate optimisation.

Important Conversion Rate Tips Beginners Should Know

1. If Possible, Try to Use a Different Colour for Call-to-Action Button

If you’ve been doing some research, you have probably read some that say red CTA converts better than the green one, etc. However, you ought to know that this doesn’t indicate that you should be using the red CTA as well and expect conversions.

The key is, you should be choosing a colour that appears better on the background of the web page. Aside from that, it’s also recommended to pick a CTA that has never been utilised anywhere else. This would give you the assurance that the page would stand out well and it would be able to draw the attention you need.

2. Stay Away from Usual Stock Photos

There’s nothing good about stock photos except their quality. No doubt that they look phony and they have the tendency of reducing the credibility of a site. Keep in mind your website shouldn’t only look appealing but it should also be capable of achieving your desired objectives.

People want to deal with humans, and not machines. For that reason, you should be using real people on your website, not stocks that don’t even relate at all. Let your visitors know that the people behind this website are humans like them– use images of your employees, and through this, your visitors would be able to relate better.

3. Take Away Unnecessary Form Fields

It’s important to take away the form fields that are needed at all. You should try to make your work easier by incorporating extra fields that should be filled up with customers.

Aside from that, an Internet marketer or business owner should also be asking themselves if there’s really a need for them to have the company’s name, CV code of the credit card, zip code, and the reconfirmation of the password or email ID.

Believe it or not, by simply reducing the field form from 11 to 4 could help in increasing the conversion rate for as much as 160%.

4. Remove the Automatic Image Sliders

Some Internet marketers think that it’s cool, but experts would tell you that if possible, you should be removing the sliders as these won’t help you with conversions at all.

Similarly, image carousels don’t really allow the users to explore the site the way they want to because it only creates banner blindness most of the time.

That said, most popular conversion experts would tell you that your side would experience more conversions if you’ll only remove the automatic image sliders. You can also replace these sliders with static offer instead and this one is more profitable.

5. Test the CTA Button

There’s no denying that a CTA button is important. However, instead of using the usual words, such as “sign up” or “submit,” it would be better if you’ll inform the visitors about what they can expect once they click that button.

6. Place the CTA above-the-fold

Some experts believe that shifting the rates of call-to-actions on top of the fold is another way to boost the conversions.

7. Include a Video

Nothing is more enticing than being able to see the product in action. That said, it’s ideal to promote your product in motion. If possible, come up with a how-to video and try to offer something one of a kind. There are a lot of ways on how you can use videos to improve the conversion rate of your website, and you can find a reliable conversion rate optimisation agency who would be more willing to help you with that.

8. See to It That You Have a Distinct Headline

Headlines are one of the most evident things on a landing page and if you manage to do it correctly, you’ll enjoy the kind of boost you need for conversion rate.

These are just some of the ideas that you can try if you’re a beginner and want to boost your conversion rate. Don’t be afraid to test them and enjoy promising results in no time.

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