Hydroponics Grow Boxes – A Complete Informative Guide To Buy The Right Product

Gardening that is done indoors with a very controlled environment is called hydroponics. It mainly consists of three components:

  • A lighting system.
  • An Environment (also called as grow box).
  • A feeding system.

Hydroponics Grow Boxes - A Complete Informative Guide To Buy The Right Product

Let us know more about all these components in this article.

Lighting System

Every system needs lighting. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in the presence of light. Therefore, in order to make food, plants require light. You can control the environment by controlling the light intensity within the environment and get the desired result.

You can use LED lights, HPSV (High pressure sodium vapor) or metal halide lamps for this purpose. The grow-box is made in such a way that it reflects maximum light into the box, so that there is an efficient use of the available lightening.


It is the primary machine in hydroponics. It is the thing which is responsible for every aspect of hydroponics. It controls the temperature, humidity, lightening, watering and every other aspect of indoor gardening. The lightening within the environment will create a lot of heat. This heat needs to be dissipated or else it could harm the plants. Therefore, you would require fans for heat dissipation.

Feeding System

This system is responsible to feed the water and nutrients to the plant. A hydro bucket will be filled with a mixture of water and nutrients in the desired ratio, and this would be fed to the plant.

Plant is grown within a growing medium such as soil. A watering system responsible for watering the plants forms the most essential component of this whole system. If you buy an automated watering system, then it would make it easy for you to have a totally controlled water feeding system

Ok, but do you know what is the correct sequence and method to operate a hydroponic system?

Hydroponics is a three stage process. It is a scientific technique that allows the plant to grow in a very scientifically controlled environment. However geeky that may sound, but the actual process is quite simple and many of you might be familiar with it.

Stage 1: Cloning: At first, you should chop off the clones of the mother plant. These will be helpful later to make new plants. Some grow boxes even make separate sections to house the mother plants. As this is the initial stage, it requires careful supervision.

Stage 2: Vegetation: Vegetation is to grow your plant. In this stage, your plant will grow from a bud to a fully flowering plant. You should let the plants grow to a height of about one-third of the height of grow box. Giving controlled lighting with 24-hour timing will enhance the growth of your plants.

Stage 3: The Flowering stage: One thing to notice is that the lightening conditions will change at every step. Here also you will be required to change the lightening conditions. Here you would want to move the grow box to a flowering stage or move your plants to some other suitable location where they can flower fully.

Grow box is a simple solution to the age old problems of indoor gardening. It involves scientifically designed steps that control every aspect of plant growth. Grow Box USA provides very high quality boxes at a very reasonable price. Do not miss on an opportunity to decorate your house with indoor gardens.

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