HTC One M8 Vs HTC One M9: What Changes And Improvements?

The new HTC One is a great smartphone that does a lot of fantastic things, The HTC One M8 is a very High-end tech designed mobile. The HTC One M9 there will be exceptional? The update to the HTC One M8 will launch on March 1 2015. A few days before the official presentation, take stock of the progress that should be recognized.

Sunday, March 1, HTC will face that Samsung will also present its 2015 flagship But before being compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is facing its predecessor the HTC One M9 will make a difference. In 2014, the HTC One M8 has been praised by many testers who sometimes saw the best phone of the year. But sales did not follow, and the Taiwanese brand will have to make even stronger. For this, the phone would be equipped with the latest Snapdragon processor cores 810-8 core to replace the version 801 with four cores. Nice boost performance in perspective, especially as the RAM rises from 2 to 3 GB. However, the display could stagnate at 1920 x 1080 pixels, merely a simple “Full HD”. A defect that is not really, since it could benefit the battery life. The HTC One M9 should remain at 5 inches diagonally.

HTC One M8 Vs HTC One M9 What Changes And Improvements

Except big surprise, the photo sensor should have undergone a profound facelift. Blocked for two years at 4 megapixels unhappy, finally take off to reach 20 megapixels. Design, the HTC One M9 should be very close to the HTC One M8. The bezel surrounding the rear camera would now be square and double left sensor. On the front face, the sources are more contradictory. When some predict the disappearance of speakers of the facade, others confirm their presence. One thing is sure, the revolution will not aesthetics. The HTC One M9 should be a very nice update of the M8, even if it will not be visible to the eye. Like last year, the Taiwanese should be best placed to go Samsung and Apple challenger. Finally, The greatest progress would finally create a dignified image of that name.

Boom Sound for HTC One M9?

What can we deduce? The HTC One M9 should well be able to send more sound. And so the new device would have given a new Boom Sound system. Beautiful, is not it? A small speaker that turns into a huge radio 90s with music that portends good things for the HTC One M9 sound quality term: Boomsound more powerful? There is no doubt that it refers to the famous Boomsound technology, much appreciated by fans of the brand.

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