HTC AERO (A9): Gets Pictured Next To An iPhone

The HTC A9 (Aero) will be the next flagship of the Taiwanese company. The manufacturer plans on launching in late October for November availability, A unibody design and 100% metal, HTC One M9 that was not totally convinced, Now, an image has been released that the device looks practically identical to the iPhone 6, with the same flat form factor and protruding camera.

This is the Chinese social network Weibo that the first pictures of the HTC Aero. On the back, we see that the photo sensor is higher than the HTC One M9 but it appears in the middle, while the iPhone 6, it is positioned on the left. Apart from this, both phones are fairly similar, visually speaking. Inherit his lines, but also its aluminum shell. Better still, it would also be entitled to plastic tabs to let the different signals.

HTC AERO (A9) Gets Pictured Next To An iPhone

The front of the phone is, meanwhile, very similar to the latest flagship of Apple. The glass covers the entire surface. That said, the fact that the screen is turned off does not allow us to define the size ratio / screen. From what we can tell, it’s flat, In addition, the manufacturer’s logo placement suggests that the famous “black band” is still in the game.

Difficult to determine the authenticity of the picture, especially as some see a certain proximity with the design of the iPhone 6, by its rounded edges and white horizontal markings for antennas.

However, the space below the logo, seems to draw a button similar to that of the HTC One M9 + that could potentially house a fingerprint reader. It will obviously have better quality pictures to be sure.

Coming to the specifications Aero is expected to feature a  screen around 5.2 inches qHD covered by a protective glass Gorilla Glass 4  with deca core processor MediaTek Helio X20, and a camera based on a new technology and displaying an aperture of f / 1.9. includes 4GB of RAM. All with a metal shell, neat finish, it will reportedly be launching in late October for November availability.

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