How To Write A Good Persuasive Essay For College?

There are different types of essays that students face as a compulsory part of their college course. All of these are written for different purposes, of which one is written for convincing others. Find more about this type of essay below.

What a Persuasive Essay is?

This type of essay is usually written in support and opposition of something. The writer persuades others to accept his or her argument by providing suitable evidences and examples to support his or her argument. Given below is a guide about writing such type of essays:


This is basically the planning phase of the paper in which you plan about all the aspects of your work, including what will be the subject, how you will present it, what kind of information you will use to present your argument etc. It is the most important phase of your paper in which you must:

  • Decide which side you are going to write for i.e. either in the support of the topic or against it.
  • Understand who your audience is: If you want to write an effective paper, then it is very essential for you to understand your audience. You must know if your reader is inclined towards any side or is still undecided.
  • Research about the subject to find out information that you can use for supporting your argument
  • Identify the most suitable examples and evidences that you can use in support of your argument.
  • Also read out the opposite views as it will help you in presenting your argument more effectively.

How To Write A Good Persuasive Essay For College?

Organizing the Paper:

The second phase of writing this paper is organizing it. It includes outlining and structuring the paper. You must outline your paper in the following parts:

  • Introduction: It must include an interesting overview of your paper that can easily grab the attention of the readers.
  • Main Body: this part must include the main argument along with supporting evidence.
  • Opposing views or arguments: this part must include the arguments and views that are against your point of view.
  • Conclusion: It must include a meaningful summary of your paper.

Drafting the Paper:

Once you are done with planning and outlining your paper, now start drafting it. Put all your ideas on paper without worrying if they fit in your paper or not. You can later remove the unnecessary ideas. Use the collected data in support of your argument. After writing a draft, finalize it by following the above mentioned outline. Then proofread it for correcting the mistakes.

There are different types of essays and tasks, one of them is writing and comprising a persuasive essay. Also known as the convincing essay, it is based on arguments and discussions. The writer is persuading the readers to be convinced about a certain product, a service or a happening. For this purpose, actually facts and details are supposed to be collected and accumulated that are taken from a reliable source or a platform. Make sure you properly organize your essay, starting from the heading to the conclusion, all the features should be highlighted and filled with quality content and information. Do lots of intense research and analysis on the topic you have chosen, make sure to choose that topic in which you are already good and have some level of expertise so that you have an edge over others.

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