How To Make Your iPhone Last Longer

In today’s world of technology and making everything smaller, the mobile phone has become indispensable. Most of us are unable to tell the date, know the time, keep in touch with anyone, work, or to find our way in the dark without our mobile phone. They have become an essential item in our lives and without them, our lives would be a great deal inconvenient. Out of all the mobile phones out there, iPhones are perhaps the most coveted phones in the world. They are user-friendly, unique and offers some great features that other phones do not. Above all, these phones are exclusive. In being exclusive, they have more demand than any other phone out there. It has become the latest trend to buy the latest version of the iPhone. It is really necessary to go out there and buy the latest iPhone? You don’t have to. You can use and reuse your iPhone for quite a long time. These phones are built to last long. So instead of discarding it every time there is a small glitch in the phone, you can simply repair it and use it for some time. There are many authorized iPhone repair shops in Melbourne. All you have to do is to search for iPhone repair Melbourne. You can also take preventive measures to ensure that your iPhone lasts longer. Here are some tips to ensure that your iPhone last longer.

How To Make Your iPhone Last Longer

Use a case

We are going to talk about the obvious first. Keep your phone in a case. It is simple as that, but many people forget it until they drop their phone and watch it scatter into a million pieces. Well, don’t wait for it to happen. There are many outlets from which you can purchase a decent iPhone cover. You will be surprised at the amount of designs they have out there. Select one that suits you well. You can even buy a few cases to change it according to the situation.

Paste a screen protector

The next obvious thing, and the thing that most people disregard is a screen protector. Many people wrongly assume that all what a screen protector does is to protect your screen from those scratches. They cannot be more wrong. A screen protector protects your phone screen from cracking when met with a huge impact. Go on ahead and get yourself a screen protector if you haven’t got one already. In the unfortunate event that your iPhone screen does get cracked, don’t replace the whole phone. It is true that Apple does not replace screens, but there are number of competent and trustworthy companies that do replace iPhone screens.

Reduce battery draining activities

Every time you dismiss that request to charge your iPhone, you are weakening its battery. You may continue to do this, and one fine day, your iPhone battery will crash on you. Do not, therefore, ignore when your phone begs to be charged every 5 minutes. Don’t have a charger at hand? Well switch off your phone or shut down all the apps that consume a lot of power such as internet, push notifications and so on.

Enable your find settings

Little do most people know that they can track their iPhone wherever it is using GPS. That’s right! It can be tracked if it is stolen or lost. All you have to do is enable the feature on your iCloud account. It is absolutely free and doesn’t take much time to set up. This way, you don’t have to buy a new iPhone every time you lose it. You can use the app to track its location. At the same time, you could also keep your phone password protected at all times. This way, even if the phone is lost, it will not be of any use to another person without being able to unlock it.

How To Make Your iPhone Last Longer

Back up your data

In that rare situation that your phone gets lost or really crashes on you, it is always best to keep your data backed up. This is something that most people ignore until they’ve been burned once. Its value is only realized when your phone dies on you one fine day and you realize that you do not know any phone number in your phonebook. Back up your important data and make sure that you keep your phone synchronized to its online account at all times.

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