How To Improve Sound Quality and Increase Volume On Android

Those days have gone when people used to carry separate gadgets to make a call and to listen to music. These days there are many cell phones available in the market that offers several features including music, video, calling systems. Music lovers always look for a device that has a good-quality speaker. As we all know that not all cell phones are blessed with good speaker quality or high to a minimum volume level that can make your stereo experience great. It happens several times when you want to increase the volume but is unable to do so. In this article, we have mentioned some steps to solve your problems related to sound quality and increment and decrement in the volume.

How To Improve Sound Quality and Increase Volume On Android

  1. Check your Settings:

As a user, what you need to do is to open settings on your phone. For example, if it is TouchWiz then follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings of Audio device and tap Sound.
  • Click a hit on Audio Settings.
  • Here you can see several options to enhance your audio experience.

In case, it is MIUI from Xiaomi then follow these steps:

  • MIUI has an enhancer for headphones, you can plug them in and choose the type you are using.
  • You can see the options between in ear and normal headphones.

For Sony Xperia UI, given steps works:

  • Go to the ClearAudio setting and check equalizer too.
  • With Sense UI you can turn to BoomSound.
  1. Get a better music app in your Android Smartphone:

It’s very easy to get a better music application in your Android Smartphone to improve music experience. Although all the smartphones come with a default music player but you can also use a custom made app enhance music settings. Some good music players are available on Google Play. Users can download the music player and install it and then run it. Some good music players are such as Poweramp, Bass Booster etc. While selecting any music player, what you need to keep in your mind is that the music player should give you complete and enhanced control over equalizer and sound output. You may like to check these free mp3 music downloader apps for android to know more.

Walkman, the music app from Sony provides a better quality level when it comes to Google Play Music. Another great app by Google Play for android lovers is Music Volume EQ. It offers five bands Equalizer service with bass boost and virtualizer effects. Recommendations from our side – Poweramp or Equalizer+ to the users of Android Phones.

  1. Placement of speaker:

A lot of cell phones have twin speaker grills, but only one is seen functioning to produce sounds. If that speaker is blocked then it will be difficult to get better sound quality, in this case, sound can become low or non-existent. Speaker should be placed on a right place to escape from dust and finger so that it can function well.

  1. Remove the cover:

Removing the protective cover of your cell phone can help you to go through the nice quality of sound. Since the vibrations coming from your phone get dissolved by the layer of plastic cover or rubber cover. It does create some issues as manufacturers don’t take this into account while designing the speaker system. There are some cases that block essential parts of the phone like audio jack, speaker or microphone.

  1. Use headphones:

You can use headphones to improve the sound quality of the android device and to increase the volume of android phones. A fact that most of the smartphones’ speakers are not good enough to listen decent sound quality. Some music apps can provide you a better sound quality but using headphones also helps you to experience a good sound quality.

  1. Root your Android phone:

There is another way to improve the sound quality of your phone that is rooting your android phone. If it is rooted then you can find plenty of options to increase the maximum volume and set sound quality, though it is somehow complicated process. But you can learn it through online means.