How To Annoy Your Fellow Project Collaborators

Relationships are complicated. From a lover’s spat to violent fits of rage that end in broken plates and tears. Of course not all relationships are turbulent; water cooler talk with Ted from IT is probably a breeze.

Jenn is quirky, Tom is the office jester. Everyone is a character. But maybe you didn’t get enough sleep the night before and that jester has just become a royal pain in the neck.

Workplace rows are inevitable, project deadlines can create stress and even a little issue can get out of hand. While effective methods exist for resolving conflict like regular group meetings and rewards earned for effort, Tom can still be too much.

How To Annoy Your Fellow Project Collaborators

The way he talks with that deep nagging drone and that Bluetooth earpiece aren’t going to be resolved in a meeting on team effort. Here are 5 colleagues that no collaboration software can save you from.

That intern who acts like your boss

No one likes being told what to do. Perhaps that’s the reason base level employees sometimes get bossy, as a kind of personal rebellion. Whatever the reason, there’s nothing more tedious than going over standard procedures and policy with someone working under you.

Your colleague who acts like your boss

It’s not just those who are earning their keep, colleagues (equals in status and pay) sometimes seem to have their sites on management roles. This can cause some unnecessary bossiness. ‘Hey, you’re doing a great job, but next time you’re on kitchen duty could you just make sure to wash the mugs – the last time there were rings. And nobody likes rings {disparaging pat on shoulder}. Thanks buddy!’

Bluetooth guy

You’re working at your cubicle when Bluetooth guy leans in. ‘Did you find those orders I was looking for?’ But don’t answer, he isn’t talking to you, he came to your office for a totally unrelated matter. Fortunately, those things aren’t as popular as they used to be, still a couple linger and Bluetooth guy still touts the benefits.

Boss who never waits for you to finish your answer

How was your holiday? He or she couldn’t really care less and they’ll make that clear when they walk out of your office before you’ve finished answering. A good boss makes their staff feel valued. Nothing shouts undervalued like being cut off by an impatient non-listener, but we’ve all had one of those.

Public divorce

When smashing plates isn’t limited to the kitchen, break ups and divorce can be hard on everyone in the office. Bitter fights will likely be heard, as harsh exchanges right outside the door can last up to an hour. If it’s your boss, gauging the right level of sensitivity can be especially difficult. Say your team has run into a snag that only your boss can tackle – how long should you wait to approach for your tentative enquiry? When broken relationships enter the workplace, everyone suffers.

The solution to office conflict? Keep your head down and your opinions to yourself. Of course that’s not a solution, but the best thing most of us can do is to keep our head in the game. If you have a good boss, conflict resolution procedures will be in place to ensure a collaborative work environment.

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