How Timelines Are Beneficial For Giving Your Presentation

Benefits of making use of timelines in powerpoint: Timelines denote events along with the time, in which it occurs. While adding timeline in powerpoint visually, it will give a feel for time, which exist between the events. This will permit the viewers to understand not just the sequence of events and also the time delays, task duration, lead times and several other relationships. It is much easier to derive some information in the form of graphic relationship than parsing a note list.

So, your audience will receive the message as quicker as possible with the help of timeline. In this article, we are going to cover the way for creating a timeline in presentation to replace bulleted list of planned or past events. Using a timeline, you can make it much simpler for everyone, including audience, presenter and analyst to get notice of the scope of time of overall process and even the relevant time between events.

How Timelines Are Beneficial For Giving Your Presentation

Creating a timeline in powerpoint: As an initial process, you have to take the message or purpose of events, which you want to present before the audience. You have to know the type of project and events that you want to illustrate. And then, make a decision about the time frame, which you need to enclose. While developing a slide presentation, it is very essential to make your start through an overview timeline slide showing the entire period. The highlights are required to be “zoomed in” on the following slides.

Start by simply making a horizontal line at the middle of your page. Then, put the start date and end date at the beginning and end respectively. As per your dates, you have to divide the timeline into a reasonable section by making use of small vertical dashes or line segments and then, label each of them accordingly. Consider an example, in case you want to cover a year for your timeline, you need to split it into months, for days, it will be divided into hours and for century, make it as decades. In order to exhibit an unequal drop in your time where nothing will be happening at that time, then you can make use of a zigzag line into the center of timeline.

For denoting the completed tasks or events that have taken place successfully, make use of small arrowheads, circles or even any other symbols over the line. Then, it will be followed by attaching a vertical line, which needs to be extended from top to bottom or also direction, which has more room. At last, describe the tasks or events due at the conclusion of the line. You might also opt to put a border round the event. Include titles and annotation if any possible. To illustrate people, tasks or events on your timeline, it is better to employ pictures and icons, as this could give the audience that needed clarity and, assist them in identifying the events even better. Use aforementioned steps to make your presentation more interesting and engaging through timeline.

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