How Self- Service Kiosks Are Still Relevant In A Mobile World?

Over the recent past, there is an increase dominance of mobile phones and tablets usage thus posing a great threat to the self-service kiosks. One of the major ways that self-service kiosks stay relevant in the stiff competitive mobile world is by differentiating its services. Self-service kiosks need to be designed in a way that the users will always want to use them. In this article, we shall look at ways in which some of the popular kiosks have been able to withstand the stiff competition.

How Self- Service Kiosks Are Still Relevant In A Mobile World?

Red box is a well-known movie renting kiosk and despite the competition from online platforms, it has been able to remain relevant by locating it at strategic places such as; gas stations, supermarket and popular restaurant joints such as McDonalds. This has made it so easy for the movie lovers as they don’t have to go to separate movie stores. They can just get a movie as they go along with their errands. Time has become a rare luxury and Red box has used their location strategy as a great way of saving time. Nowadays, going up to a kiosk to access the available services has become norm and it is almost a subconscious decision.

Best Buy Kiosks These kiosks majorly target the travellers and they are strategically located in areas where they can access them easily so as to buy products that they may need as they go on with their journeys. These kiosks, having been placed in rest and/bus stop, they bring a trusted brand in the location where it has been placed. The customers no longer buy items from local merchants who may have questionable products. People would rather go for products from a branded company.

Gold-to-go kiosks have been commonly used in the Middle East although they are slowly gaining popularity in London and Florida markets. These kiosks basically sell gold bars and it serves as a good investment as it is literary gold and not some throw away novelty.

Mobile reliance is on the rise and more power is required for it to keep functioning. Kiosk industry has introduced cell phone charging kiosks which can quickly charge a cell phone for about 15 minutes to an 80 percent charge. For this reason it keeps drawing more people’s attention.

Above are some of the samples in which the kiosks are still relevant amidst of the mobile dominance in the society. Olea kiosk manufacturers are experienced to made your self-service kiosk in a way that will draw people’s attention. They advise on the best measures to take and the respective components that may need to be installed in the kiosk to enable its deployment more profitable.

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