How can the top reality books fascinate your kid’s mind?

Augmented reality is a fast growing field not only in the area of entertainment but also in education and academics too. In this context, it is interesting to mention the notion of augmented reality books. These books are one subset of the field which usually offers a plethora of activities. These opportunities can be harnessed for the invention and development of educational and entertainment models related to the area of academics. One would be fascinated to know that these books blend traditional text with content which is digital. This is the reason that experts call the AR books the future in a world of academics.

The working mechanisms of the AR Books

One would be fascinated to know that AR books are physical or digital copies that sports both illustrations and texts. These texts are connected to traditional and additional content with the intelligent use of technology. If you point the camera of your tablet or smartphone into an AR Book, the technology reads the book and displays the additional content on the screen of the device. However, the material can be animated or still in nature. Moreover, the AR content can be simple or complex depending on the game or activity which is associated with the content.

Some AR books that can capture the imagination of your children

With the steady rise in the popularity of AR books, a large number of parents are buying the same for their kids. These books can teach the children with interactive activities that would eliminate the need of a teacher in future. However, educational models of AR books are still in the developmental stages, and thus it is best to concentrate on the storybooks. Here is the list of AR books.

Education Book of Animal Kingdom

It was first published in the year 2014 and is a first in the series of educational books. This book uses a plethora of interactive activities. With the help of a smartphone, you can see the fully animated versions of each animation.

Elephant in the garden

This book comprises of four augmented reality models which play when a device with the application is held in the pages. This book possesses the ability to enchant the kids and encourage repeated readings.

Coloring Books

These AR books would allow your kids to bring their imagination with the help of virtual colors. The children can also use a 3D model of their drawing that is shaded like the colored picture on the page.


AR Books are slowly becoming a reality and time may come when they would replace the traditional books. Moreover, these books encourage repeated reading and concentration levels. These books use a piece of technology like a gaming console or a smartphone. On the other hand, you can use an application which would play videos and would create models from content. With the proper usage of this app, you can also interact with the text. The possibilities of publishing this type of book are virtually limitless.