How Brands Can Achieve More With Video

Video content is fast becoming a key element of any content marketing strategy and smart video commissioners are looking for tangible returns for their spend. Video should fit within the wider campaign so long term planning for your videos is vital. A video strategy will help measure how effective your content is and help you understand how much it’s worth spending on the medium.

How Brands Can Achieve More With Video

What are the quick wins when it comes to getting more from video?

Don’t just create something you want to watch

Many people produce films that they think are good, but with minimal consideration as to how the audience will perceive the content. Use research to further understand what your audience wants to see and more importantly encourage them to move on your call-to-action.

Include a call to action

Like previously discussed, it’s important to remember that the video has been created for a reason. Give your viewers a chance to take action while they watch your content. If they’re viewing it on a video website, include a link to your website or a phone number in the video itself on in the video description box. After all it’s key to move people away from video websites to your website.

Alternatively, if you choose to host videos on your website itself, it’s still important to include a relevant call to action so visitors stay on your website and are directed to the right page.

You could also include a social share, ‘chat’ button, a phone number or an email link on your website.

As a Creative Digital Design Agency in Suffolk we’re on hand to help so that your website is best optimised for when visitors go from video websites to your website.

Understand KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)

Make sure you decide on which realistic KPIs you want to have before you start the project. These KPIs become a core part of a video strategy but even on a single project basis they hold importance. KPIs could include:

  • Likes
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Impressions
  • Click through rate
  • View rate
  • Sales/Leads
  • Calls
  • Chat
  • Subscribers

But it’s important to stay realistic as some of these may require investment to achieve.


Testing will ensure you aren’t pinning all your hopes on one film. Produce multiple versions and compare their performance. You could perhaps change the edit, the call-to-action, thumbnail or tags for example.

Go down a different route

It takes some courage to produce something different, but it’s that kind of content that stands out and makes a difference. It doesn’t have to go viral, just be interesting.Video content should be engaging,even B2B films shouldn’t be dull. Ask yourself, would someone choose to watch this?

Views need a kickstart

Unfortunately, just because you’ve created a terrific film and uploaded it to your website or YouTube, it doesn’t mean it will get seen. Consider investing in some paid advertising.

Make use of Google Adwordsor Paid Social so you can create targeted video ads that will drive traffic to your film. A decent film can also create some good PR which can be beneficial to your business and will raise awareness of your content.

This is a quick overview of some of the ways you can help your videos become more effective. Video takes a lot of effort if you want to achieve positive results. Put enough effort in and the results may surprise you.

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