Hospital Grade Power Cables

If you need to buy or use a cable for medical purpose make sure that you use or get a certified hospital grade power cable. As, the power chords that are utilized for medical purposes are subjected to special test before the product is released in the market. For the simple reason that a lot of lives depend on the smooth and optimum working of these power cables that are used to operate life support machinery.

Hospital Grade Power Cables

Test: Before the hospital grade power cables are released by the manufactures in the market, the designated government agency check the durability, conductivity of the product. This is done to ensure that the manufactured product can withstand on the maximum marked value as well as to ensure that no harm is done to the life of the patient because of human greed. The test that these medical products undergo are far more rigorous than other products and only the best are able to earn their approval for sale in the market.

After the product is approved by the relevant authorities it is again checked for any manufactured faults. Only after successfully completing both the test the product is marked by a green dot. This green dot is a symbol of government’s approval that the cable is of Hospital grade and can be used with medical machinery. It is precisely the reason behind the medical grade power cable’s more common name, Green Dot Hospital grade power cable. Most of the medical administrators prefer the medical instruments and power cable that contains the government’s approval in the form of this green dot.

Use: The uses of power cord includes:

  • Temporary extension cord.
  • Provide electricity to machinery.
  • They supply AC current from the line voltage to the single phase of the machine.

Types: Depending upon the use and machinery they are required for the hospital grade power cords are divided into 3 categories.

  • The first category of these power chords are those that have a connecting cord at one end. The male of these power chords is available for connection while the female part is absent. Instead of that the chord has wiles which can be connected to the wires of the power line. They are used to supply power from the main source to the medical machinery.
  • The second type of power chord are those that have a male and a female both ends. They are mainly used as extensions or to connect the internal circuit of the machinery.
  • The third type of power chord are those that have multiple legs. They are used for both purposes, to provide power to other chords as well as to the machinery or the board they are connected to.
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