Google Launching A Free YouTube App For Kids

YouTube is fantastic. Millions and millions of videos at your fingertips, just a few seconds on each more varied topics as each other. Yes, but the flip side is that we can find a bit of everything, including unsuitable content to certain age groups, which can include hitting a child-sensitive.

Google had announced its willingness to adapt its services to under 13. Which will run on smartphones and tablets and focus on kid-appropriate content. And it will start its platform video sharing. A New YouTube Kids’ app, The free app from Google’s online video service will be available for download from February 23, 2015 in Android, reveals USA Today.

The app was developed in-house with the participation of parents and testers from Common Sense Media, an organization specializing in the study of the impact of media and technologies on children.

Google Launching A Free YouTube App For Kids

By the proof of which has benefited USA Today, the app has a simple design. The home screen occupied by eight large boxes with pictures of children’s programs. Over five icons: a TV with access to specific programs, radio to view videos of popular songs, a light bulb to enjoy educational programs, binoculars to see the “best video” and a magnifying glass to research.

“The images and interactive areas are great for the kids to access it easily, and as the youngest can’t write their research, explained Shimrit Ben-Yair, the project manager, they can use voice search.

Research has Forbidden and a “Timer”

As for children, the interface is completely redesigned to be ultra simple and ergonomic. If you are a parent, you can protect the app with a password and set a time period of use. No more quirks, but not! Who is it that controls? Especially as many features allow you to have full control over the application. You can for example, limit the time spent watching. If a child did a search on the word “sex”, a window will open to suggest the child try a different term.

Obviously Google has not designed this app altruistic. Its potential is enormous. “Every year, if the traffic has increased by 50% on YouTube, family chains have grown by 200%,” said Shimrit Ben-Yair. Currently, there are 515 channels devoted to the family on YouTube.

Initially, the application will be available on Android devices, starting on 23 February. However, we don’t know it will be reserved in the US first, or if all countries can enjoy the same time.

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