Forget Hardware, Software, And The Infrastructure: Deliver Services, Instead

When it comes to enterprise IT and data center strategies, too many companies are focused on the wrong things. They worry about hardware, software, and the infrastructure that they have. Those things are important, but what kind of services and applications are being delivered? Those are the things that matter, because they’re what the end user needs. The end user isn’t going to be that interested in how everything gets done, but they do want it to get done quickly and efficiently. That speed and efficiency matter for most companies, no matter what type of services they provide to others.

To that end, the strategy is what is important. The infrastructure bits have to come together and work properly, but that’s the key: that they come together and work properly. What they are and where they came from is less significant. Companies don’t have to have the latest, greatest, and best hardware, software, or infrastructure. They just have to have what works for them and their customers. As long as the quality and efficiency is there, the value to customers will also be there.

Unfortunately, too many companies get hung up on the brand of software they have, or how old their hardware is. Those things can matter if they’re failing or dragging down what the company is trying to do, but if they aren’t causing a problem, why change them? The right approach to strategy and the multi-dimensional approach that can be used for infrastructure is where a company’s interest should lie. Digital business capabilities are growing, and are expected to be at 25% in just a couple of years. They will reach 41% by 2020, if current predictions hold true.

Forget Hardware, Software, And The Infrastructure: Deliver Services, Instead

Digital Business Revolution

The digital business revolution gives enterprise data and IT the opportunity to get involved now, and to lead businesses and work with them to help drive revenue forward. It’s no secret that enterprise IT is complex, though, and that complexity will continue to develop into the future. Companies will continue to release a higher number of applications in the future, and will also need more advances in infrastructure to support those applications. While that means paying attention to the infrastructure requirements, the main focus is still the services that are being offered.

The only reason that software, hardware, and the infrastructure matter is because they are all used to drive the need and desire for services and applications. With a focus on those applications and services, the infrastructure and other needs will naturally be upgraded and changed as required. That takes the focus off of those things and puts the focus where it belongs: on the consumers and what they want from the companies that offer them digital services and applications to use.

By working hard to deliver the right kind and level of services, consumers will stay happy with everything the company is providing for them. That will help any company continue to grow, allowing them to develop further valuable services and applications that will spur additional growth. With the right focus, it becomes a winning situation for everyone.

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