Fm-Eco4 Vehicle Tracker Review

The FM-Eco4, is a GPS tracking device made by Lithuania telecommunications company, Ruptela.The device is aimed at companies who want to monitor and control how their fleet of staff vehicles are being used.

Fm-Eco4 Vehicle Tracker Review

In recent years, vehicle fleet tracking has become increasingly popular amongst companies. It allows them to see whether their fleet is being used responsibly by its employees. Features on some systems include fuel control and management, plus route tracking.

The FM-Eco4 is a standard-range vehicle tracker. It is able to gather and transmit all the essential data about vehicle – location, speed, history, mileage, etc. Companies can also control their fleet vehicles’ temperatures using the tracker.

The FM-Eco4 is fully dust and waterproof (IP67 certified), and has gained a reputation amongst users as being a tracker that can withstand harsh working environments. In addition to the standard FM-Eco4, there is the FM-Eco4+. It has an integrated battery, which makes it able to continue transmitting data once it has been disconnected from the power source.

Ruptela also offers the FM-Eco4 Light tracker. It is the smallest and easiest-to-fit tracker in the FM-Eco4 family, and is equipped with an internal GPS and GSM antennas.It offers the following functions: Eco-Drive, driver registration and identification, temperature monitoring, remote ignition blocking, internal geozones, antijamming features, and various features via SMS.

Ruptela was established in 2007, and produces GPS/Glonass tracking and monitoring software and hardware, which provides solutions of business users. The company’s products are designed for the real-time monitoring of vehicles and the optimisation of vehicle operations.

Ruptela has representative offices in 5 countries – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Ireland. The company’s HQ is based in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, while its hardware production facility is in the country’s second city, Kaunas.

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