Finding Trustworthy Online Educational Resources

Parents always want to do whatever they can to ensure that their kids succeed in school. Many parents think that there is not much they can do outside of school to help their children do well in their classes, but there are a lot of great tools parents can use that will help their kids advance.

One of those tools is the great websites and other online resources that are available to anyone. However, it can be difficult for parents to find sources that they can rely on to be safe and effective. Here are some ways parents can find trustworthy online educational resources.

Supervise their use of the Internet at Home

Before anything else, it must be established that kids should never be left online without any adult supervision. Even with a secure network, there are still chances of kids getting into a website or app that is inappropriate for them. Parents should find a way to supervise all online time for their kids at home.

Finding Trustworthy Online Educational Resources

Work with a Secure Connection

A secure connection is the best way to ensure children will stay on websites they are supposed to see. Parents can even look into using ADT Security in Overland Park to help keep their network safe and set parental controls on certain sites that they want to block their children from seeing.

Try a Popular Brand

There are a lot of popular education brands that kids and parents will both be able to recognize. These brands are popular for a reason, and parents can usually assume that the content on their websites and apps will be interesting and educational. One of these brands is Discovery Channel Education, which allows kids to take webinars online to learn about any subject they choose.

Look for a Certified Seal

Some websites and apps will have a seal of certification or approval that parents can look for. These seals will prove that the online source has gone through some sort of process from an accredited education service to ensure that it is appropriate for kids. Websites and apps that do not have this seal or other accreditation may not be as reliable.

Test Out a Government-backed Program

The government has set up some websites that anyone can use outside of the school system to further their education. Parents can trust that these sites not only receive funding they need to stay up to date, but also that they are closely monitored for spam and inappropriate content. Many of these resources can be found through public libraries or school systems.

Use what the School Uses

Most schools today, public and private, will use technology in the classroom to engage and educate students in a new way. Parents can speak with their children’s teachers to see what online sources they are using and begin to use those same resources at home. This continues what kids are learning in the classroom and makes learning something new each day a little easier.

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