Finding and Using Royalty Free Stock Photography

When you need to find generic photographs, many people turn to the internet. While it’s easy for some people to grab some volunteers and get the job done, many people don’t have the time or resources to get the perfect shot. That’s where stock photography comes in handy. For those who just need to find a picture or want a quick placeholder, royalty free stock photography is a solid answer. However, if you’re not familiar with the world of royalty-free stock, it’s helpful to follow some guidelines.

Finding and Using Royalty Free Stock Photography

Websites Full of Pictures

It’s simple enough to find websites completely dedicated to stock photography because it’s a rapidly growing market. Whether it’s laziness, lack of resources or lack of skill, many people don’t want to take their own pictures. Additionally, it’s often difficult to find willing participants to pose for a picture or be outside at the right time for a natural lighting nature shot. Start by doing a basic search for stock photos, and you’ll probably be directed to a site showcasing all that is available. Many of these websites have customizations available so you can select exactly what you need, down to gender and even number of people in the photo.

What is Stock Photography Used For?

Stock photography is used all over print and online media. Images make a piece more attractive, whether it’s a professional article on proper dental hygiene or a blog post about butterflies. Not only do they draw in the eye, but they break up the text and lend a visual aid to the piece’s subject. Maybe one image of coworkers working on a project together demonstrates a company’s teamwork policy. A travel agency might rely on stock photos of oceans and picturesque islands to convince people that they need a vacation. Some stock photography is even comical, such as a man literally pulling out his hair accompanying an article on financial stress.

Rounding Up Royalties

Because someone put in the time and effort to capture these images, many stock photos come with royalties attached, meaning the photographer gets paid every time the image is used. Therefore, there is usually a small fee to pay to use these images in print or online publications. Failure to pay this fee may result in criminal charges. However, some photographers release the work from royalties, resulting in royalty-free stock. These images are free of charge to the user and can be featured in multiple projects without the need to pay for each use. These images are convenient and highly sought after, but do not sacrifice quality.

 Endless Possibilities

From people eating dinner to hedgehogs sitting on actual hedges, there isn’t much you won’t find when searching for royalty-free stock photography. Sometimes a website or an article needs a really original (or really generic) image that you won’t be able to capture yourself. Images bring visual appeal and leave a lasting impression on readers, making them vital to many print or online publications. So, whether you need to find a towering waterfall, a dog on a skateboard or a woman sneezing, there is guaranteed to be a stock image that will fit your needs.