Few Things To Do When You Miss Your Flight

It can be a dreadful thing for flight passengers to miss their flight. However, at times people encounter such situations due to various reasons. There can be a number of reasons to miss your flight.

In case, you miss your flight due to mismanagement of airlines then you need not worry much as in all such cases it will be the responsibility of the airlines to make sure you board some other flight to reach your destination. You may however miss your important appointment and in many cases airlines compensate monetarily, if you can convincingly present your case to them.

Few Things To Do When You Miss Your Flight

However, if you miss your flight due to any of your own personal reasons like family emergencies, oversleeping, vehicle breakdown like flat tire or traffic congestion near the airport then the case becomes a bit tricky. In such cases, you are responsible for the missing your flight. What you should do under such circumstances. Following are few things that you need to do in such case.

1.  Contact the airline

The moment you realize that you have missed your flight, the first thing that you need to do is contact the airlines. If you are yet to reach the airport then visit the website of your airlines and find the contact numbers and call them to inform about the situation. They will redirect your call to ticketing person quickly who may book your ticket on the next flight by charging you little extra. If you delay this call then perhaps you could forget all your money that you paid for the ticket earlier and may have to buy a fresh ticket.

While calling the ticket person you must be as polite as possible and explain him the circumstance under which you missed the flight so he may help you by charging some money. If you have any membership with the airlines then the agents will be more helpful to you.

2.  Must know about flat tire rule

Many airlines consider the reasons of flat tire and if you contact them within 2 hours of missing the flight then they are bit lenient towards your case. However, rules of flat tire are different and hence you must be aware of that before calling the airline’s office. You may Click2Claim to know the rules of flat tire of your airlines.

3.  Prefer not to buy new one-way ticket

Sometimes, you may find that it is cheaper to buy new ticket rather than changing your ticket, however you must avoid doing that as in such case your entire subsequent journey based on old ticket may get cancelled automatically and you will get stuck during your next flight.

4.   Also change your other connecting flight schedule

If you fail to change your connecting flights then you will face plenty of inconvenience during subsequent flights and your luggage arrival may also get into problem.

5.   Inform your hotels

If you have booked your hotel then let them know about your change of check in time so that they may take suitable action.